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Attention Examples

This page documents examples on the Web of published attention information.

This is part of an open standards community effort to update (even rethink and rewrite) the Attention.xml format on a strong foundation of research of existing examples and formats, as well as leveraging the Attention.XML implementation experience from Attensa, CommerceNet, Technorati, and any other interested Attention developers.


  • Tim Brown
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Eric Hayes
  • Rohit Khare
  • Kevin Marks

Attention Examples

Implicit Attention

Explicit Attention

  • blogrolls, friendrolls (e.g. LiveJournal, XFN) - what/who I'm reading
  • linkblogs / delicious feeds - how I have tagged sites I've read
  • playlists of what songs I like - e.g. on MSN Spaces
  • favorites.html files - yes, people actually publish these on the web

Inattention Examples

  • killfiles
  • email blacklists

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