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== Christchurch city (New Zealand) ===
=== Christchurch city (New Zealand) ===

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Bank Account Examples

Per the microformats The microformats process this is an Best Practices for Examples Pages page documenting existing real world examples of bank account references published on the Web. Next steps are to research bankaccount-formats and then (only after that), proceed with bankaccount-brainstorming. Only URLs to actual bank account numbers/references please.


  • Klaus Muller
  • Guillaume Lebleu


Amazon.de (Germany)


Unsere deutsche Bankverbindung:<br>
Empire Merchandising GmbH<br>
Volksbank Darmstadt/Deutschland<br>
Bankleitzahl (BLZ) 508 900 00<br>
Konto-Nr. 1757814<br>

IBAN: DE 0750 8900 0000 0175 7814<br>

This bank account reference is composed of:

  • Bank account name (i.e. the name of the bank account, typically the same as the name of the bank account owner)
  • Name and partial address of the bank maintaining the account
  • Bankleitzahl: a number issued by the Bundesbank to a bank or one of its branches (i.e. to a bank account issuer). It is composed of:
    • 3 digit identifying the local Bundesbank code (the first digit is the clearing region).
    • 1 digit identifying the bank group (ex. savings bank, commercial bank, etc.)
    • 4 digits identifying the bank/branch
  • Actual account number issued by the bank
  • BIC: a number issued by SWIFT to a bank or one of its branches (i.e. to a bank account number issuer). See SWIFT BIConline
  • IBAN: this is actually a standardized country specific concatenation/serialization of various account informations that together guarantees the account number uniqueness worldwide for use in any transaction, international or not. Note that even though IBAN is globally unique, the BIC must be provided in financial messages. For Germany, the IBAN is composed of:
    • country code
    • 2 check digits
    • Bankleitzahl
    • Account number

neckermann.de (Germany)

A link cannot be provided but if you want to see the sample below, go to the Web site and click Impressum.

<p class="copytext">Bankverbindung: neckermann.de GmbH, 60279 Frankfurt.
<br>Bayerische Landesbank, Kto. 50 55 400, BLZ 700 500 00</p>

Christchurch city (New Zealand)


EDPNet (Belgium)


csa.gov.uk (UK)




Bank of America Web banking (not from the public Web)

<A href="/cgi-bin/ias/15_LXhvFyxHfHakKPIj_BukEUpZkH_aOGHTJAKA39e163375/2/WelcomeControl?action=account_details&accountIndex=0" class=linknormal>


Just putting this one here to show an example of obfuscated bank account number. The actual account identifier used by the server is "0" (in combination of the user session), which is really a transient identifier. Another, user-friendly, identifier is presented to the user composed of the last four digits of the account number and the type of the account.