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Blog Info Brainstorming

This page documents thoughts toward establishing a new microformat to use when discussing, linking to, referring to blogs beyond just linking to them using a person or organization's name.


Simple Schema

From the blog-info-examples and the existing blog-info-formats, it seems clear that a simple schema must have:

  • name of the blog
  • link to the blog
  • zero or more links to feeds for the blog
    • type of that feed
  • name of person associated with the blog (e.g. author / contributor)

Class Names

  • root class name for an item - (hBlog? hInfo? hItem?).
  • "fn" for name of blog
  • simple href link to the blog
  • "alternate"? typed href alternate links
  • "author" for stating who is blogging that blog. hCard is quite useful / flexbile.

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