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Blog Info Examples

This page is for researching and documenting examples of what people actually publish on the Web when discussing, linking to, referring to blogs beyond just linking to them using a person or organization's name, which is a solved problem (use <cite> and hCard). Examples of beyond that include listing one or more feeds for the blog being referenced.


Emphasis on Practical, Simple, and Minimal

This document is deliberately restricted to examples that are:

  • Actual examples in practice on the Web with URLs to the originals.
  • Simple and minimalist. As simple as possible.

Once there are sufficient blog-info-examples, and documentation of any known blog-info-formats, we'll hopefully start a blog-info-brainstorming page to do aggregate analysis of the examples.

Overall Notes About Examples

These examples are specifically limited to pages/sites/blogs that reference a one or more blogs and information about them like their feeds. The case of a a blog describing itself is a separate effort that involves more detail. See blog-description-examples for on that.

Note also that this has similarity to the media-info-examples work (media references sometimes include references to alternate formats), and the citation work as well, though the citation work is focussed more on references to print (non-online, non-live) media.

Real World Examples

  • IT Conversations list of programs and feeds
    • blog URL
    • blog name
    • blog feed URL
    • blog feed type (implied by file extension or image)
    • blog author/host (only for some programs)
  • Aaron Swartz's blogroll: , each item has:
    • blog URL
    • person name, sometimes with extension, rarely blog name
    • blog feed URL
    • blog feed type (implied by file extension), image is always "rss"

See Also