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browser advocacy

Part of the larger microformats Advocacy effort. Adding microformats support to browsers makes them immediately more useful to users.

In addition third-party developers should be encouraged to make their relevant browser add-ons microformat aware; or to create new add-ons with microformat capabilities.


See Firefox for current support.

Firefox developments



  • The LinkAlert extension could signal when a link is marked as a tag (likewise for other "rel" attributes). Andy Mabbett
    • Requested by e-mail 2006-12-29. Andy Mabbett
    • Response 2007-01-07: "Thank you for your feedback, I will consider adding [...] rel in a future update."



  • First reference to "microformats" in the Opera forums. 2006-12-13 Andy Mabbett
  • Opera Mini (and other browsers on telephones) could especially benefit from recognising the "tel" attributes of hCard, and allowing users to dial numbers found on-line.
  • We've been looking into Microformats for a while, and we are in the process of rolling out Microformats support on My Opera and Dev Opera. Feel free to contact me with any additional suggestions of what you'd like to see. - David Storey


  • Screenreaders (e.g Jaws) could recognise telephone number components of hCards, to differentiate them from other strings of digits. Andy Mabbett 13:02, 9 Dec 2006 (PST)
    • Additional to this, I believe that screen reader users would benefit from being able to recognise any of the microformats. For example, there is value in being verbally notified that a page contains "1 contact and 3 events", or being able to seek out rel attributes with help values. Frances Berriman

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