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There has been an explosion of messages to the mailing list about the citation format. I think it would be best for everyone interested in contributing to try and set aside 30-60 minutes so we can all meet in the IRC room and hammer out alot of the simple things and get a road map for the larger pictures.

I would like to try to get the first meeting within the next 10 days, so please put your name with a time that works best for you. REMEMBER we span different timezone, so maybe a weekend is best?


  • Brian Suda (-0600) TZ, Any day after 19:00 (7pm) or weekends
  • Michael McCracken (-0800) TZ, Any day after 4pm or weekends, starting Tuesday, Apr. 4. (Except April 7th, 8th & 9th)
  • Tim White (-0500)TZ, Weekends best (except April 7-8), or after 7pm (no Tuesdays)
  • Ed Summers (-0600)TZ, 9AM-10PM.
  • Ross Singer (-0500)TZ Monday April 3rd or Sunday the 9th... 9-5 either day.
  • Bruce D'Arcus (-0500)TZ 9-5 in general, weekend probably best.

things to discuss

  • Difference between inline citation and a Bibliography
  • Minimum information needed to be considered a citation?
  • Citation Typing (should types such as Book, Journal, Photo, Art be explicitly stated?)
  • Can the citation properties be used to describe the Page Article itself and/or the references?

meet-up date/time

SUNDAY April 9th, 2006 2pm Central/3pm Eastern