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Digital Signatures

I would like to start discussing the possibility of digitally signing Microformatted content.

A Microformat carrying a digital signature could be used in conjunction with other already defined Microformats like hcard, hcalendar or hreview. As our proposed Microformat for digital signatures is content agnostic it can be used to build compound signed Microformats from all existing and future Microformats.

This is part of ongoing research aiming to protect content, especially content that has been made machine-readable through the use of semantic annotations. I have plenty of ideas and further use cases.

Discussion participants

  • Henrich C. Pöhls, University of Hamburg
  • Add your name if you feel you have made significant additions to the page.

Proposal/ overview

This page is a companion to digital-signatures. Please read that page first, and then return here to discuss and post ideas/ examples.