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Directory Inclusion Formats

This page is dedicated to documenting formats for including resources in a directory. See directory-inclusion-examples for various examples found on the web.


  • Ryan King


  • "[Carnival Name] can also be found at The Truth Laid Bear's (TTLB) ÜberCarnival."
    • this is a way for Carnival posts to get put into the ÜberCarnival
    • it appears that the communities and carnivals are all done in a non-distributed manner
  • blogwise
  • webrings
  • XML
  • SKOS
    • "SKOS is an area of work developing specifications and standards to support the use of knowledge organisation systems (KOS) such as thesauri, classification schemes, subject heading lists, taxonomies, terminologies, glossaries and other types of controlled vocabulary within the framework of the semantic web."
    • According to DannyAyers, SKOS could be useful prior art. User:RyanKing is still reading the specs.
  • Topic Maps might be relevent. --User:RyanKing

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