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* update the Upcoming.org event machine tag, too.
* update the Upcoming.org event machine tag, too.
<kbd class="tags" style="display:block">
<kbd class="tags" style="display:block">
<span class="category">'''EVENTSPECIFICTAG'''</span>  
<span class="category">'''EVENTSPECIFICTAG'''</span>  

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<entry-title>Template for events</entry-title>

You can cut & paste the following for Microformats events pages. Delete any unwanted sections, and remove comment mark-up from those you wish to use at latter stage.:

<entry-title>Microformats Event</entry-title>
One of several microformats [[events]].
<div class="event-page vevent">
== details ==
:<span class="dtstart">2009-mm-dd</span>–<span class=dtend>2009-mm-dd</span>
:<span class="location vcard"><span class="fn org">xxxVenuexxx</span>, <span class="adr">xxxAddressMicroformatComponentsxxx <span class="country-name">xxxCountryxxx</span></span></span>
:<span class="summary">xxxxx</span>
:[xxxUrlxxx xxxNamexxx]
:<span class="url">http://example.com</span>

'''[http://feeds.technorati.com/events/microformats.org/wiki/events/xxxPageURLxxx Add this event to your diary or calendar program]''' http://www.boogdesign.com/images/buttons/microformat_hcalendar.png

== tags ==
Use the following tags on related content (blog posts, photos, [http://twitter.com tweets]):
Event author: 
* replace "EVENTSPECIFICTAG" in the below text with a tag unique to the event, i.e. short name of event + (optional location) + (full-year or sequence number), e.g. BarCampBlock2007, FooCampLondon2007, SHDH22, SXSW2008, microformats-dinner-2009-MM-DD - update MM and DD to the Gregorian month and day of the month accordingly).
* replace "san-francisco" with the city where the event is taking place
* update the Upcoming.org event machine tag, too.

<kbd class="tags" style="display:block">
<span class="category">'''EVENTSPECIFICTAG'''</span> 
<span class="category">microformats</span> 
<span class="category">san-francisco</span> 
<span class="category">''upcoming:event=00000000''</span> <!-- Add/update this tag when you create the respective upcoming.org event -->
If you use Twitter, mention ''@microformats''' in tweets about the event, and track them on [http://search.twitter.com/search?q=microformats Twitter Search].
== attendees ==
Add yourself alphabetically sorted by family name if you plan on attending or attended.

* [[User:YourUserName|Your full name (fn)]]
* ...

== photographs ==

See [http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/EVENTSPECIFICTAG/ EVENTSPECIFICTAG tag on Flickr].

[http://www.flickr.com/photos/tantek/1565582389/ http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2282/1565582389_8385db9a08_m.jpg][http://www.flickr.com/photos/tantek/1566469202/ http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2020/1566469202_1ac8e757a8_m.jpg][http://www.flickr.com/photos/tantek/1566468100/ http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2414/1566468100_13f0338089_m.jpg]

Click on yourself and add a note with your name linking to your URL!

* ...

== notes ==
Topics discussed, comments, and Q&A.

* …

== articles and blog posts ==
Articles and blog posts following up on the meetup. Add a link to your post in the list below. Newest first.

* ...

</div> <!-- End of @vevent -->

== related pages==

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