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WSG Meetup: Microformats

The second ever Web Standards Group meetup in the UK is focused exclusively on microformats. Three different presenters will cover the explanation and implementation of microformats.

The event is free but if you are coming, please add your name on the Upcoming page.


Thursday, October 19th
18:30 - 23:00
New Cavendish Street campus of Westminster University,115 New Cavendish Street, London.



Mark Norman Francis (Norm!), the internet's Drew McLellan, and Jeremy Keith will each give their own take on microformats. Norm! will talk about the history of microformats and explain exactly what they are. Jeremy will give his own personal account of implementing microformats and show just how easy it is. Drew will take it to the next level and look at how microformats can be an API for the whole Web.

Afterwards, there shall be merrymaking at a nearby, as yet undisclosed, drinking establishment.


Please add your name here if you'll be coming along.

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