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# Eric Meyer (not spicy)
# Eric Meyer (not spicy)
# Matthew Mullenweg
# Matthew Mullenweg
# William Lawrence (vegetarian)  - ''tentative''
# William Lawrence (vegetarian)  - Will be there, but late, like 6.5pm
# Kevin Marks (eats anything)   
# Kevin Marks (eats anything)   
# Ben West
# Ben West

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San Francisco January 2007 Microformats Dinner

One of several microformats Microformats events.

Where: Nova. 555 Second St San Francisco, CA 94107. (415) 543-2282. has wifi. can handle perhaps up to about 15 people.

When: Thursday January 18th, 6pm-...

Who (food prefs). Please RSVP so that we can make sure the venue can accomodate the group.

  1. Tantek Çelik (vegetarian or fish options)
  2. Ryan King
  3. Eric Meyer (not spicy)
  4. Matthew Mullenweg
  5. William Lawrence (vegetarian) - Will be there, but late, like 6.5pm
  6. Kevin Marks (eats anything)
  7. Ben West
  8. Derrick Pallas
  9. Nicole Hanusek
  10. Steve Cohen
  11. Barrett Weisshaar (will eat his co-workers if necessary)
  12. ...


Depending on when people show up, we may want/need to split up into a number of tables. I (Tantek) will try to get there before 6pm and ask them if they can handle a larger party (~12) at 6pm and see if we can get some tables put together. At this point, RSVP (here) is required if you want to have a chance at sitting in a group together. Folks are welcome to "just show up" as well, but expect that you might have to collect into a smaller group (3-4) and grab a separate table.