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January 2007 San Francisco Microformats Dinner

One of several microformats Microformats events.

Where: Nova. 555 Second St San Francisco, CA 94107. (415) 543-2282. has wifi. can handle perhaps up to about 15 people.

When: Thursday January 18th, 6pm-...

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Who (food prefs).

  1. Tantek Çelik (vegetarian or fish options)
  2. Ryan King
  3. Eric Meyer (not spicy)
  4. William Lawrence (vegetarian)
  5. Kevin Marks (eats anything)
  6. Ben West
  7. Derrick Pallas
  8. Nicole Hanusek
  9. Steve Cohen
  10. Barrett Weisshaar (will eat his co-workers if necessary)
  11. Chris Messina
  12. Tara Hunt
  13. James Craig