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portable social networks meetup


2007-07-28 4pmish-6pmish
Ritual Coffee Roasters
Meeting to solve the portable profiles and social networks problem once and for all


A bit last minute, but since Brian Oberkirch was in town (San Francisco), and I knew this is an important subject to him, I volunteered to announce it and see who showed up and what we could get done. Tantek

936378645_8c48ea8109_m.jpg (insert Brian Oberkirch here) 937225276_47211a838b_m.jpg

We got quite a bit done, check out the pages we created and edited as a result. (Thanks to ChristopheDucamp for the rapid French translations!)

There's defiinitely much more to be done, but we've got a very good start, with the basics of what social network sites need to do to both publish and subscribe/auto-sync portable social networks. I've added a few follow-up actions to my to-do list. Tantek

blog posts

Blog posts following up on the meetup and results which add more insight and discussion. Newest first.