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== Summary ==
== Summary ==
* 2-day coding sprint
<span class="vevent vcard">
<span class="dtstart">2008-01-05</span> to <span class="dtend">2008-01-06</span>: <span class="fn summary">CodeFest on Microformats</span> (<span class="url"></span>) at [ la Bande-Passante], located at <span class="adr"><span class="street-address">8655 St-Denis</span>, <span class="locality">Montréal</span>, <abbr class="region" title="Québec">QC</abbr>, <abbr class="country-name" title="Canada">CA</abbr> (near the Crémazie métro station)
<span class="description">Adding microformats to several open source projects</span>

== When ==
* Participate from IRC: Freenode #codefest
* Saturday & Sunday 5 & 6th January 2008
== Where ==
* [ la Bande-Passante], located at 8655 St-Denis, Montréal, Québec, Canada (near the Crémazie métro station)
* IRC Freenode #codefest

== Organisers ==
== Organisers ==

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2008-01-05 to 2008-01-06: CodeFest on Microformats ( at la Bande-Passante, located at 8655 St-Denis, Montréal, QC, CA (near the Crémazie métro station) Adding microformats to several open source projects

  • Participate from IRC: Freenode #codefest



Please put yourself down if you're interested in attending an event in the first part of 2008. We're currently using this page to gauge interest right now.