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Geek/microformats dinner

An excuse for geeks to gather and talk about microformats and anything else that takes our fancy. We're going to try the Westfield Shopping Center Food Court which has everything from Jamba Juice, to a variety of ethnic cuisines, to espresso and fine gelato.


The food court in the Westfield Center, San Francisco
Geek/microformats dinner


Transit: take MUNI or BART to the Powell stop, and walk *underground* directly into the food court. Seriously, they're connected.

Driving: Aim for the 5th & Mission garage, park, walk North across the street to Westfield, find your way through the maze of Bloomingfields, elevators, and escalators to the underground food court level.

8pm to make it easier (trafficwise) on anyone driving into SF.

Once we've all had something to eat we'll find a nearby bar and let the good times roll.


  1. Jeremy Keith
  2. David Recordon
  3. Faruk Ateş
  4. Kaliya Hamlin
  5. Mark Trammell
  6. Matt Biddulph
  7. Scott Kveton
  8. Sergei Komarov
  9. Stephanie Trimble
  10. Tantek Çelik
  11. Thomas Huhn
  12. Thomas Vander Wal
  13. Tony Adam
  14. ...

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