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<entry-title>Sensored Meetup #10: Data! APIs! Standards!</entry-title>

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Lemnos Labs, 85 Bluxome Street, San Francisco, CA
Sensored Meetup #10: Data! APIs! Standards!

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At this meetup, we're going to have 4 speakers and a panel discussion focused on different aspects of data. What are the different ways to access data from a sensor device, and what are the tradeoffs?

Data, data everywhere. Now what?

We, the community working with sensors and data, have many open questions and challenges. It's an exciting time to be in this field, but there are a lot of things we're still trying to figure out. We're not going to give out solutions here; the goal is to initiate a conversation about common problems we face. Then we can talk about how to solve them, in an ongoing iterative way.



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Things we talked about:

  • What is and how old is the oldest device you have with you that you're using?
    • Key fob
  • What is and how old is the oldest software you're running?
    • ...
  • What is and how old is the oldest piece of your own data you have?
    • ...

Rachel's questions: I can't get access to my data.

  • What's the best way to deal with data accessibility, from a technical and from a business perspective?

Tantek's talk:

One of the problems of proprietary APIs is that the API owner can change it on a whim, causing software built on top of it to break.

Does anyone have any electronic devices on their person in this room that’s more than 2 years old?

Devices may be disposable, but your data shouldn’t be.

Why should I put any data into a service of young companies doing interesting things like you’re doing - they always just get acquired by bigger companies who promptly shut down half the stuff you were pouring your data into.

When setting your data up to survive transitions through who knows what comes, the smaller and simpler your data format, the more likely it will survive. Simple text files are near immortal.

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