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* Real-World Examples
* Real-World Examples
* Existing Practices
* Existing Practices
* See also
* Proposal (when available)
* See Also

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Best Practices for Example Pages

Example pages are the first stage of the exploration The microformats process which must precede proposing a new microformat. Current explorations are listed on the Welcome to the microformats wiki!.

Purpose of Example Pages

(adapted from The microformats process)

Document current human behavior. Remember, we're paving the cowpaths- before you do that you have to find the cowpaths. Your documentation should be a collection of real world sites and pages which are publishing the kind of data you wish to structure with a microformat. From those pages and sites, you should extract markup examples and the schemas implied therein, and provide analysis.

Recommended sections

Top level (=):

  • Introductory sentence

Second level (==):

  • Purpose (The Problem)
  • Participants
  • Real-World Examples
  • Existing Practices
  • Proposal (when available)
  • See Also