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See also [[parsing-microformats#XQuery_example|an example of using XQuery]].
See also [[parsing-microformats#XQuery_example|an example of using XQuery]].

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Firefox Extensions

A list of extensions for the FireFox web browser, which detect or extract microformats.

See User Interface for ways in which extensions could or do handle microformats.



  • BlueOrganiser BlueOrganizer Indigo Edition, released in Feb 2008 features support for hCard, hCal, adr, rel and locality. hReview is not supported yet. The support is implemented via contextual tips and menus, helping the users to lookup maps, movies, restaurants, people's profiles and more. BlueOrganizer Features Page contains description and interactive examples.


Operator has rapidly found favour with microformat developers (not least for its functions as a validator) and end-users. It provides an architecture for microformat parsing which is likely to be incorporated into the core of future versions of Firefox.

Latest release: 0.9

See also:


Tails Export

Web Cards


While these extensions include no microformat-specific tools, the can be of use to microformat publishers (or advanced users).

Glossary of Terms

Gez Lemon's Glossary of Terms displays values from ABBR (and ACRONYM) elements, by listing them at the foot of the page. This extension does not work with Firefox 3, as it does not provide secure updates.

Web Developer

The Web Developer extension has several features which greatly aid microformat publishers, not least the ability to display class, ID, object and abbr values in-line.


Performs W3C-standard XQuery in Firefox. XQuery at its simplest is XPath, but allows more powerful reshaping of XML (cycling through, sorting, joining sources, etc.)--essentially SQL for XML (though also with some scripting power built in as well). XqUSEme uses Firefox's own parsing (and a few tricks) to clean up poorly-formed HTML in addition to XML.

Newest version (not out of the sandbox as of Aug. 20) supports Greasemonkey-like application of XQueries to specific sites, enabling potential sharing and reuse.

See also an example of using XQuery.



  • LinkAlert
    • Will consider adding rel in a future update.


Firefox developments

Mozilla are "brainstorming" developments for Firefox 3.0 and beyond, and have a page on microformat handling. See also Firefox 3 Requirements.

Netscape Navigator

See also