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Latest release: 0.8
Latest release: 0.8
*[http://www.kaply.com/weblog/operator-bugs/ Operator bug reports]
See also:
See also:

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A list of extensions for the FireFox web browser, which detect or extract microformats.



Operator has rapidly found favour with microformat developers (not least for its functions as a validator) and end-users. It provides an architecture for microformat parsing which is likely to be incorporated into the core of future versions of FireFox.

Latest release: 0.8

See also:


Tails Export

Web Cards

Web Developer

While the Web Developer extension includes no microformat-specific tools, it has several which greatly aid microformat publishers, not least the ability to display class, ID, object and abbr values in-line.




  • LinkAlert
    • Will consider adding rel in a future update.


Firefox developments

Mozilla are "brainstorming" developments for Firefox 3.0 and beyond, and have a page on microformat handling. See also Firefox 3 Requirements.

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