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Genealogy Formats

I started this page because someone (Bob Jonkman apparently) added a bunch of stuff to the Technorati microformats page on genealogy, and I moved it here. -Tantek


  • Had a look at some examples of what GEDCOM creates [1]. Basically, seems to be XFN relationships (siblings, spouses etc.) and hCard information (could genealogy be inferred from existing XFNs regardless of a hGED format?). The only additional information we do not currently hold in a format is that of gender. GEDCOM specifies male or female for each individual. Creating something using these formats would be quite straightforward, but not sure its takeup would be good unless someone was interested in creating a hGEDCOM2GEDCOM. -- Frances Berriman

Wikipedia's Persondata

Wikipedia's Persondata aligns very closely with hCard, but has additional date and place of birth & death fields. Andy Mabbett 13:04, 28 Jan 2007 (PST)

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