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geo cheatsheet

Properties (Class Names)

  • Geo {1}
    • latitude?
    • longitude?


Based on Perl's standard quantifiers:

bold {1} MUST be present exactly once
italic* OPTIONAL, and MAY occur more than once
+ MUST be present, and MAY occur more than once
? OPTIONAL, but MUST NOT occur more than once
[square brackets] list of common values
(parentheses) data format
# comment
! awaiting documentation


  • If latitude is present, so MUST be longitude, and vice versa.
  • The secondary classes can be omitted, the two values MUST be separated by a semicolon and latitude MUST be first. This is used with the ABBR design pattern and the title attribute:<abbr class="geo" title="37.386013;-122.082932">Human Readable Text</abbr>
  • The same number of decimal places SHOULD be used in each value.
  • Coordinates use the datum of WGS84.
  • Sources for latitude/ longitude coordinates

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