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Elevation examples

Examples of published elevations (also known as "altitude" or "height") to support the proposed elevation extension to the Geo microformat.



State High Points

          <th>GPS Coords</th>
          <th>Topo quad</th>


          <td><a href="./batting.500/">7/2/2001</a></td>
          <td><a href="./batting.500/">California</a></td>
          <td>Mount Whitney</td>
          <td>36° 35'N,<br>118° 17'W</td>

          <td>36° 34.721'N,<br>118° 17.466'W</td>
          <td>CA Mt. Whitney 1:24,000, Mt. Langley 1:24,000</td>

Nepal GPS Waypoints

Waypoints Netherland


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