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== Real-World Examples ==
== Real-World Examples ==
=== State High Points ===
*See [[geo-elevation-examples]]
          <td><a href="./batting.500/">7/2/2001</a></td>
          <td><a href="./batting.500/">California</a></td>
          <td>Mount Whitney</td>
          <td>36&deg; 35'N,<br>118&deg; 17'W</td>
          <td>36&deg; 34.721'N,<br>118&deg; 17.466'W</td>
          <td>CA Mt. Whitney 1:24,000, Mt. Langley 1:24,000</td>
=== Nepal GPS Waypoints ===
=== Waypoints Netherland ===
== Existing Practices ==
== Existing Practices ==

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Geo Elevation

An exploration of adding elevation (altitude) information to geo data.

The Problem

Publishers of elevation information on the web could make additional use of this information (e.g. in Google Earth) with a standard format.

Altitude data in waypoints is particularly used in aviation.


Real-World Examples

Existing Practices



See Also