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Geo Waypoints

An exploration of adding waypoint information to Geo data. Waypoints are a sequential series of points, describing routes (which may have been traversed at specific times) or boundaries (which may be on any scale, from a small garden to a continent).

The Problem

To allow the publishing of waypoints in such a way that they are downloadable and parsable.


Real-World Examples


Typical mandatory attributes

  • Latitude (WSG84, decimal or Degrees-minutes-seconds)
  • Longitude (ditto)
  • text label

Typical optional attributes

  • elevation
  • image
  • note ?
  • url ?


  • How to differentiate between a route (for example in the shape of a letter "U") and a boundary - in other words, to say whether or not, after the last point, the line returns to the first.
  • How to sequence/ timestamp waypoints

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