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Geo Waypoint Trails

An exploration of publishing trail or boundary information using series of Geo data waypoints.

Waypoints are geographic points, as currently published using the Geo microformat.

Presented sequentially, they can describe trails or routes (which may or may not have been traversed at specific times) or boundaries (which may be on any scale, from a small garden to a continent).

The Problem

To allow the publishing of series of waypoints in such a way that they are downloadable and that their ordering is parsable.


Real-World Examples



  • GPX - XML schema for trails

Typical mandatory attributes

  • Latitude (WSG84, using decimal or degrees-minutes-seconds values)
  • Longitude (ditto)
  • text label

Typical optional attributes

  • elevation
  • image
  • note ?
  • url ?


  • How to differentiate between a trail (for example in the shape of a letter "U") and a boundary - in other words, to say whether or not, after the last point, the line returns to the first.
  • How to sequence/ timestamp waypoints

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