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<entry-title>Google Search</entry-title>

Google is one of several search engines that index and support microformats.

main search supports rel="nofollow" (since 2005(?) citation needed) and as of 2009-05-12, hCard 1.0, hReview 0.4 (in progress), hReview aggregate, hProduct in rich snippets in search results.

See google-rich-snippets-examples for documentation of Google's microformats examples (along with a few corrections/improvements). See Jeni's blog post on What’s wrong with Google's RDFa Support for a description of the numerous problems in the *RDFa* documentation/implementation of "rich snippets". (To Do extract these instances of real world problems, analyze for causes, and note principles and techniques for avoiding them in the future.)

advanced search

Through additional user interfaces:

search APIs

Google provides search APIs like:

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