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== Admins ==
== Admins ==
See [[admins]].
See [[admins]] and <span id="Contact">[[admins#contacting|contacting admins]]</span>.
== Contact ==
Contacting the administration can be done by either joining the microformats [[irc]] channel and stating "adminhelp" to alert an active moderator that you need their attention, or by using the following point of contact for the administration group:
* [http://fberriman.com/ Frances Berriman]  fberriman AT gmail DOT com
''Please note that not all administrators wish to act as points of contact, so please only use those listed.''
At this time, it is felt by the administrators that public access to the admin mailing list is not necessary, on the grounds that frequency of governance related threads on microformats-discuss are low and manageable and can therefore be stated there, and that those wishing to bring up more specific governance issues, personal conflicts etc. would prefer to do so in private and in confidence.  Should the frequency of governance related threads on microformats-discuss increase, then this will be reviewed.
== Administrative intervention ==
== Administrative intervention ==

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See microformats admins and contacting admins.

Administrative intervention

Intervention by the administration will be done so only as necessary. The individuals in this group primarily exist to keep the wiki, IRC and mailing lists orderly (reverting spam, blocking vandalism etc.). Stronger action will only be taken when a community member acts in direct contradiction to the How to Play guidelines.

Suspension Policy

In extreme cases, the administrators may decide to ban an individual from posting to the mailing list and/or editing the wiki (alternatively, they may require all posts to first be moderated).

This decision is not taken lightly, and will only be done if all the administrators are in agreement with the decision.

Suspensions are usually for a fixed time period, to allow "cooling off."

How a suspended/moderated individual can return to good standing will be stated when the action is taken on a case-by-case status.

Appealing an action or decision can be done by using one of the points of contacts mentioned above.


See governance-issues for suggestions on how to improve governance.