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<entry-title>h-card Brainstorming </entry-title> This page is for brainstorming about various uses, details of, and additions to h-card.

This page contains proposals. For the current state please see h-card.

Brainstorm proposals that illustrate how to use the existing hCard spec will likely be incorporated into existing hCard documentation such as:


Add new explorations here as === === triple level headings

Preferred Pronouns

Ashton McAllan marks up her preferred pronouns as:

<span class="p-pronouns">she/her/hers</span>

in her h-card on http://acegiak.net/

They are listed as a single field there in the subject/object/possessive format because that is a standard formation in English but the format used for stating pronoun sets may be different in other languages.

Note that microformats2 uses singular property names, thus another alternative may be to mark them up separately as singulars:

<span class="p-x-pronoun-subject">she</span> /
<span class="p-x-pronoun-object">her</span> /
<span class="p-x-pronoun-possessive">hers</span>

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