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<entry-title>h-resume</entry-title> Tantek Çelik (Editor)

h-resume is a simple, open format for publishing resumes and CVs on on the web. h-resume is one of several open microformat draft standards suitable for embedding data in HTML/HTML5.

h-resume is the microformats2 update to hResume.


Here is a simple resume example:

<div class="h-resume">
  <a class="p-contact h-card" href="http://example.org">
    <img src="http://example.org/photo.png" alt="" />
    Joe Bloggs
  <p class="p-summary">Joe is a top-notch llama farmer with a degree in <span class="p-skill">Llama husbandry</span> and a thirst to produce the finest wool known to man</p>

Get started

The class h-resume is a root class name that indicates the presence of an h-resume.

See microformats2 parsing specification to learn more about property classnames.


h-resume properties, inside an element with class h-resume:

  • p-summary - overview of qualifications and objectives
  • p-contact - current contact info in an h-card
  • p-education - an education h-event event, years, nested h-card of the school, location.
  • p-experience - a job or other professional experience h-event event, years, nested h-card of the organization, location, job-title.
  • p-skill - a skill or ability, optionally including level and/or duration of experience
  • p-affiliation - an affiliation with an h-card organization

All properties are optional.


h-resume is a microformats.org draft specification. Public discussion on h-resume takes place on h-resume-feedback, the #microformats #microformats chat channel on irc.freenode.net, and microformats-new mailing list.

h-resume is ready to use and implemented in the wild, but for backwards compatibility you should also mark h-resumes up with classic hResume classnames.

Property Details

(stub, add any property explanations here)

p-skill has a proposed expansion into competency with explicit summary, rating and/or duration components. Based on existing real world adoption, we should consider an h-competency vocabulary with p-summary, p-rating, and dt-duration properties.

Examples in the Wild

  • … add any h-resume examples you find in the wild

Backward Compatibility

Publisher Compatibility


Parser Compatibility

Microformats parsers SHOULD detect the following root class name and property names. A microformats2 parser may use existing microformats Microformats Parsers to extract these properties. If an "h-resume" is found, don't look for an "hresume" on the same element.

compat root class name: hresume
properties: (parsed as p- plain text unless otherwise specified)

  • summary
  • contact - including compat root vcard in the absence of h-card
  • education - including compat root vevent in the absence of h-event
  • experience - including compat root vevent in the absence of h-event
  • skill
  • affiliation - including compat root vcard in the absence of h-card


h-resume is based on the existing hResume specification.

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