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hAtom Hints

hAtom 0.1 is a microformat for content that can be syndicated, primarily but not exclusively weblog postings. This page gives hints on how to use, implement and embed hAtom, backgrounders and other information closely related to the hAtom spec but that doesn't strictly belong on the main page.

If there's a conflict between this page and the spec, the spec is correct.

This page is currently out-of-date. Consult the accordant microformat specification for up-to-date information.

Schema Notes


Note: Please see the hAtom issues document for discussion on property names.

Concept Atom Identifier hAtom Microformat Usage
Feed atom:feed Add class name "hfeed"
Entry atom:entry Add class name hentry; if practical, also define id="unique-identifier" to the Entry.
Entry Title atom:title Add class name headline. Using