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<span id="New_Examples"></span>
<span id="New_Examples"></span>
Please add new examples to the '''top''' of this section.
Please add new examples to the '''top''' of this section.
* [http://www.tpexpress.co.uk/Liverpool08-Capital-of-Culture/ First TransPennine Express - Liverpool 08, Capital of Culture] - uses hCalendar markup for events.
* [http://www.tripit.com/ TripIt] - uses hCalendar markup for every itinerary
* [http://www.tripit.com/ TripIt] - uses hCalendar markup for every itinerary
* [http://www.leaguist.com Leaguist] - uses hCalendar markup sporting events
* [http://www.leaguist.com Leaguist] - uses hCalendar markup sporting events

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hCalendar Examples in the wild

This page is an informative section of the hCalendar specification.

The following sites have published events using hCalendar, and thus are a great place to start for anyone looking for examples "in the wild" to try parsing, indexing, organizing etc.

If events on your site are marked up with hCalendar, feel free to add it to the top of this list. Please be sure to include at least one URL of a page on your site that includes actual hCalendar markup. Examples added without the URL of a page with hCalendar markup may be removed.

Want to get started with writing an hCalendar event? Use the hCalendar creator to write up an event and publish it, or follow the hCalendar authoring tips to add hCalendar markup to your page of upcoming events or events you mention in blog posts, wikis, etc.

Don't forget that you can add one of our Microformats Buttons to the page, to indicate the presence of hCalendar microformats. For example: microformat_hcalendar.png. If you can link it back to hCalendar (or even page on your website, about your use of the microformat), so much the better!

examples to act on

new examples

Please add new examples to the top of this section.

World Cup Kick-off

  • World Cup KickOff where you can download and keep all the fixtures you are interested in so you will never miss a single game of the 2006 football World Cup!

Mon May 22, 4:00 PM ET The World Cup, one of the world's most watched sporting events, is almost upon us. If you've ever tried to follow your favorite team through the Cup you know that it can sometimes be difficult to know when they're on. World Cup Kickoff can help.

World Cup KickOff is all you will ever need for knowing all the match details for the upcoming World Cup 2006. Whether you use your mobile phone, MS Outlook, Apple iCal or Mozilla Calendar, you can download and keep all the fixtures you are interested in so you will never miss a single game!

Next tip? We'll show you how to get up at 2 AM to watch your matches. ;0) Thanks to Tom for the tip!

examples with some problems

If you find a problem with any example in any other section, please move it here, and note the precise problem and cite the section of the hCalendar spec that appears to be violated. If the example that was moved here is yours, and you want to improve it, see the hCalendar FAQ, or raise any queries on hCalendar issues or the mailing list, where people will be happy to help you.

  • konplan.com - uses hCalendar markup in their event container
    • Examples: http://www.konplan.com/public1/_EN/index.php
    • Suboptimal, has wrong values in dtend
      • Should be fixed. Can anyone check on it -- I'd like to move it back to examples above. --AndreasLappe 07:32, 23 Jan 2008 (PST)
        • Better, but the new end dates are not exclusive (this is a frequently-occurring problem, requiring a rethink of the way the microformat works). Andy Mabbett 10:13, 23 Jan 2008 (PST)
          • Should be fixed too. Again, I'd appreciate comments... --AndreasLappe 05:22, 25 Jan 2008 (PST)
            • Do those events really run from midnight to midnight? Andy Mabbett 05:56, 25 Jan 2008 (PST)
              • They don't. They are all-day events. I was working with [2] -- wrong? --AndreasLappe 06:08, 25 Jan 2008 (PST)
                • That's not usual practice (I'd say it gives a false level of precision), but should perhaps be raised at hCalendar issues for clarification. Andy Mabbett 02:47, 28 Jan 2008 (PST)
  • wiki-translation.com - uses hCalendar markup for events.
  • konferenciakalauz.hu uses hCalendar for events (in Hungarian).
    • Suboptimal, not using exclusive date end. Andy Mabbett 13:18, 24 Sep 2007 (PDT)
  • chronii.com, a site for creating, searching, and cross-referencing timelines, presents events marked up in hCalendar.
    • Suboptimal, Hidden: [3] uses <abbr class="dtstart" title="1991-01-01"></abbr> <abbr class="dtend" title="1992-01-01"></abbr> for a whole-year date of "1991"
  • Gretchen has their show schedule marked up with hCalendar
  • I'd be happy if some future french Pinko-marketing meetings (CantineCamp) could require the use of hCalendar for listing some informal lunches in Paris. CantineCampParis10 is an example to include a hCalendar + hCard markup on the wiki-page. When converting to vCard, "Mendès" accent is malformed in a french outlook 2003 "address book". I've looked UTF-8 example but could not find any way to correct. Any idea ? -- xtof 01:09, 26 Mar 2007 (PDT)
  • Joomla! Melbourne User Group uses hCalendar markup for listing of all events.
    • No examples on cited page. Andy Mabbett 15:06, 31 Jan 2007 (PST)
  • Webfeet events includes hCalendar markup in its aggregated events lists.
    • Possibly a case where <abbr> won't work for dtstart/dtend as there are many events listed under a single date. Webf 15:19, 15 Jan 2007 (PST)
    • Malformed e.g <span class="dtstart" title="20070120"></span> Andy Mabbett 15:41, 15 Jan 2007 (PST)
    • Continue the discussion under hCalendar Issues perhaps. Webf 22:25, 15 Jan 2007 (PST)
  • Theatre Studies: European Theatre at the University of Edinburgh uses hCalendar to markup news and events on the index page.
    • Uses "display:none" on image. Andy Mabbett 15:32, 13 Nov 2006 (PST) Removed img tag from hCard
  • s'Bokle is a German music pub. Their events calendar has been marked up with hCalendar.
    • improper use of rrule --RyanKing 16:04, 6 Jan 2006 (PST)
  • Plan9 - Uses hCalendar to mark up events !
    • dtstart/dtend are implemented on span element Tom Armitage June 23, 2006 --Tim 13:34, 4 Mar 2007 (PST) Fixed now
  • socalTECH is a news and information site. Their front page event listing is marked up with hCalendar.
    • dtstart/dtend implemented on span element Tom Armitage June 23, 2006
  • The Multipack features a vevent for the next meeting information.
    • dtstart/dtend are implemented on em element Tom Armitage June 23, 2006
  • Paul Schreiber's unofficial schedule site publishes hCalendar information for upcoming hockey games at Ice Oasis
    • dtstart/dtend are implemented on td element Tom Armitage June 23, 2006

- whilst Tails parses the "title" attribute for dtstart/dtend on any element (does Tails still do this?), that is incorrect. The title attribute only provides semantics for the <abbr> element, while for elements in general like <span>, only the contents of the element are used. This is a simplification and see hCard parsing for details. Technorati Microformats Search only looks for the title attribute on <abbr> tags per the rules from hCard parsing which apply to hCalendar parsing as well.

reviewed examples

If you have reviewed a New Example (and you are not the author of the example) and believe it to be valid, go ahead and move it here.

  • ...

grouped examples

listings of upcoming local events

  • ...

archives of local event listings

Laughing Squid Calendar

conference schedules

related pages

This specification is a work in progress. As additional aspects are discussed, understood, and written, they will be added. These thoughts, issues, and questions are kept in separate pages.