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hCalendar FAQ

This page is for documenting Q&A about [[hCalendar].

  • Q: How do I use a class inside when I don't want the element I use it on to be a property of the calendar?
    A: Use a class name that isn't a defined iCalendar property name.
  • Q: What happens if the class is used both inside and outside ?
    A: That works fine.
  • Q: What do I do if I want to add styling to a group of calendar events, especially if the calendar contains dynamic content?
    A: You can write style rules that incorporate both the context of said group (say it is in an ordered list with class name "group" for example) and the events, e.g.:ol.group .vevent { /* insert common styling here */ }
  • Q: What do you do if you don't want the calendar or card to be displayed?
    A: If you don't want the calendar or card to be displayed, why are you publishing it on the Web?
  • Q: What if you don't want specific properties to show up?
    A: You can trivially use CSS to hide (or otherwise alter the display) of certain properties. E.g. if you want to hide the "location" from all your VEVENTs you would write a rule like this: .vevent .location { display:none }
  • Q: If we use title for the ISODate, how do we specify a different tooltip?
    A: For reasons of metadata transparency and visibility, it is recommended that you DO NOT specify a different tooltip. However, if in your particular content or application you must, you can do so with a nested span e.g. Feb. 21st
  • Q: Would the use of <acronym> for DTSTART be just as good as ?
    A: It could be, but there is no need. The element is also preferred as it is better defined. The <acronym> element, and in particular, the term "acronym" means different things to different people, and thus we are not using it in hCalendar 1.0.
  • Q: What happens if a browser doesn't support ?
    A: Then the human readable contents inside the element are displayed, which is the desirable behavior.
  • Q: Doesn't hCalendar duplicate IETF's xCal?
    A: There is no such thing as "IETF" xCal.