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<entry-title> hCard brainstorming Rejected Suggestions </entry-title> These are suggestions made as part of hCard Brainstorming that have been rejected.

Suggestion: The use of class="url" on an <a> tag to represent an hCard 1.0 URL property is redundant. By virtue of the <a> tag you know this is a URL.

Rejected. This is a bad suggestion because although it appears to reduce redunancy and keep things cleaner, it also creates a few problems. Without explicitly noting that this is a URL then any <a> tags within a 'vcard' would be considered a URL, for example:

<span class="vcard">
<ul class="categories">
<li><a href="http://w3c.org">W3C</a></li>

There is no way to "turn-off" the encoding of the W3C URL, whereas if "url" needed to be explicitly listed in the class attribute list, then by NOT listing it you could effectively turn it off.

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