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<entry-title>hCard Examples in the wild</entry-title>
Online Turkish business telephone directory website Burdabuluruz.com [http://burdabuluruz.com] implements valid hCard and hReview-Aggregate for companies, contact information with geo tags and user comments.
<div style="height:7.5em;text-align:center;font-weight:bold;font-size:larger">
<span style="padding:3em 0;float:left;width:33%">[[hcard-examples-in-wild#examples_by_category|Want hCards]]</span><span style="padding:3em 0;float:left;width:33%">[[hcard-examples-in-wild#new_and_uncategorized_examples|Have hCards]]</span>
This page is an '''informative''' section of the [[hcard|hCard specification]].
The following sites have published [[hcard|hCards]], and thus are a great place to start for anyone looking for examples "in the wild" for inspiration, or try parsing and indexing.
Turkish business telephone directory website [http://burdabuluruz.Com] implements valid hCard and hReview-Aggregate for companies, contact information with geo tags and user comments.
== examples by category ==
'''Want hCard?''' Get started with writing an [[hcard|hCard]] using the [http://microformats.org/code/hcard/creator hCard creator] to write up some contact information, [[validators#hCard|validate]] and publish it, or following the [[hcard-authoring|hCard authoring tips]] to add hCard markup to your current site.  Check out this section for similar examples of types of pages that benefit from hCard markup.
This section organizes examples into several rough categories as follows. If an example fits in more than one category, use the *last* matching category in this list that matches the specific hCard example(s) in the wild that you are trying to categorize.
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Individuals|Individuals]]''' - one card per person, perhaps sort alphabetically by "family-name".  People with their own hCards (typically) on their own site.
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Organizations|Organizations]]''' - one card per organization, alphabetical by "fn". Organizations with their own hCard(s) (typically) on their own site.
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Institutions|Institutions]]''' - which list more than one person, with a count estimating the # of hCards, e.g. 40k for Avon. Also indicate complexity of information supplied, eg. just name+number vs. complete details.  Alphabetically sorted by "org" with perhaps a few individuals listed in a single sub-bullet, comma delimited, sorted by "family-name".
# '''[[hcard-supporting-user-profiles|Online Profiles]]''' - which host profiles for more than one person, with a count estimating the # of hCards, e.g. 10m+ for Flickr.com.  Alphabetically sorted by company / service name.
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Online_Venues|Online Venues]]''' - which provide listings for businesses or organizations, with a count estimating the # of venues, e.g. ~10k for Upcoming.org. Alphabetically sorted by service/site name, with perhaps a few specific venues listed in a single sub-bullet, comma delimited, sorted by "fn".
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Event_Speakers|Event Speakers]]''' - event pages where the speaker for the event is marked up with hCard.
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Speakers_Listings|Speakers Listings]]''' - event sites' speakers pages where the speakers are marked up with hCard.  Sort by date, sub-grouped by year.  Most recent first.  Perhaps a few individuals listed in a single sub-bullet each event, comma delimited, sorted by "family-name".
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Group_Blogs|Group Blogs]]''' - blogs with multiple authors marked up with hCard
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Wiki_Templates|Wiki templates]]''' - community wikis that have templates that automatically generate hCards on pages
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Authors|Authors]]''' - pages about some other thing, such as books, perhaps reviews etc., which have marked up their authors with hCard
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Search_Results|Search Results]]''' - results pages from search engines (either generic or for people/organizations) that return people marked up with hCards.
# '''[[hcard-examples-in-wild#Listing_Contact|Listing Contact]]''' - contact information for a listing like a job posting, for sale offering, etc.
In addition there is a separate "[[hcard-examples-in-wild#UTF8_Examples|UTF8 Examples]]" section that can be used to put another link to any hCard examples in the wild which exercise various non-ASCII7 / non-english characters for various property values.
As each section itself become quite large (we might be there already, once we sort through the above "Reviewed Examples"), it will probably be moved to a separate page, leaving its heading here in place, and replacing its contents here with a link to the separate page and perhaps a stats summary.
=== Individuals ===
Groupings alphabetically by "family-name".
Nicely styled:
* [http://npdoty.name/ Nick Doty]'s home page has a very cleanly designed hCard with a map background indicating his current general geographic location.
* [http://www.jaredhanson.net/ Jared Hanson]'s home page has a beautiful hCard with numerous ways of contacting him, and live updating of his online status on various messaging networks (uses javascript).
* [http://timvandamme.com/ Tim Van Damme]'s home page is a beautiful hCard (click the "About" tab to have Operator recognize it if it's not immediately active).
Simple web pages (sorted by family name)
* [http://dbaron.org/ David Baron]'s home page is marked up with hCard.
* [http://abernier.name Antoine Bernier]'s UID hcard:
** Dynamic VCF download link (through [http://suda.co.uk/projects/microformats/hcard/get-contact.php?uri= hcard parser])
** Dynamic QRcode (through [http://microform.at/hcard2qrcode/ hcard2qrcode])
** Dynamic avatar (through [http://www.gravatar.com/ Gravatar])
** [http://wiki2008.openid.net/Delegation openID] ready
** [http://hcard.geekhood.net/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fabernier.name valid]
* [http://www.eugenbusoiu.com Eugen Busoiu]'s home page marked up with hCard
* [http://tantek.com/ Tantek Çelik]'s home page includes an inline author hCard at the bottom of the page.
* [http://www.vipulschawathe.ind.in/ Chawathe, Vipul] hosts barely (in(head)line CSS) styled resume where hCard is part of by default visible bio-data section, and other (ancestral)sections may be kept visible by user.
* [http://christycollins.net/ Christy Collins]'s home page is a detailed profile hCard.
* [http://christophertcressman.com/ Christopher T. Cressman] put his contact details on [http://christophertcressman.com/ Who is Chris Cressman?] and marked them up with hCard.
* [http://monkinetic.com/ Steve Ivy] with hCard and [http://monkinetic.com/about-this-site.html about page] with the usual suspects + XFN on 'url's, photo.
* [http://www.ryanmjones.com Ryan Jones]'s home page is also an hCard.
* [http://factoryjoe.com/hcard.html Chris Messina] has a page set aside with his contact details.
* [http://madebyjordan.com/ Jordan Moore]'s blog contains an inline hCard.
* [http://blog.roub.net/ Paul Roub] has an hCard for himself on his blog's home page.
* [http://www.w3.org/People/Smith/hcard/ Michael(tm) Smith has an hCard] on a page linked from [http://www.w3.org/People/Smith/ his W3C staff page]
** note lack of 'n' property but explicit use of 'given-name' and 'family-name' - more evidence we should drop the 'n' requirement (flatter is better) [[User:Tantek|Tantek]] 04:10, 6 May 2011 (UTC)
* [http://paultarjan.com Paul Tarjan]'s home page has hCard and is a rel="me" hub
** needs a few minor fixes: http://tr.im/hctvd (links to hCard validator results)
* Patrick Trettenbrein is the operator of [http://skateboardspot.info/ skateboardspot.info] and uses hCard on its [http://skateboardspot.info/cat/about#operator "about" page] for his contact info.
* [http://blogs.msdn.com/cwilso/ Chris Wilson] has an hCard for himself on [http://blogs.msdn.com/cwilso/about.aspx his about page].
* ...
* [http://www.afteru.co.il/?p=919 Aviran Zazon] has an hCard on his company personal webpage (Staff).
Hidden! Invisible data is strongly discouraged, these examples have been grouped here in the hopes that the authors will someday make their hCards visible:
* [http://ajbrown.org/ A.J. Brown]'s home page includes a hidden hCard at the bottom of the page.
Former. URLs that seem to have broken.
* <nowiki>http://rogieking.com/#contact</nowiki> Rogie King's contact info was marked up with hCard and very nicely styled. (missing as of 2013-03-15)
* <nowiki>http://tomleo.com/about.html</nowiki> Tom Leo's about page had an hCard. (missing as of 2009-08-23)
* <nowiki>http://bogomil.info?l=en/</nowiki> Bogomil Shopov had an hCard for himself (missing as of 2011-125)
=== Organizations ===
Sites for specific organizations with their own hCard on home page, or contact/about page(s). Grouped by country, sorted alphabetically (US first by convention). When this section gets too big we can make a separate business directory page.
==== US orgs ====
* [http://www.pinewoodgroup.com/ Pinewood Shepperton plc] includes an hCard on their home page, and several more upon clicking their "Contact Us" button (found via [http://www.thedrum.co.uk/news/2011/09/07/25776-pinewood-studios-launch-website-created-by-multiply/ 2011-09-07 Pinewood Studios launch website created by Multiply] [[press]] article).
* [http://www.primerica.com/public/contact.html Primerica] uses hCard on "Contact Primerica" page for home office address.
* [http://RippleFxInc.com/ RippleFxInc.com] including both [http://blog.RippleFxInc.com/ Ideas Blog @ Ripple FX] and [http://wiki.RippleFxInc.com/ Knowledge Wiki @ Ripple FX] use hCard markup and allows for vCard download on their page footers; because they care, the same is standard on every site they design.
* [http://www.sfmoma.org/ San Francisco Museum of Modern Art] (SFMOMA)'s home page and pages in general have their address marked up in hCard.
* [http://www.unisonarts.org/ Unison Arts Center] home page has an hCard with [[adr]], [[geo]], tel, email, and shows up with a [https://www.google.com/search?q=unisonarts search result rich-snippet] with map pin <span style="white-space:nowrap">http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/mapfiles/ms/icons/red-dot.png address</span> underneath, and call out map box using lat/long. ([https://twitter.com/anewc2/status/225592163109584899 as tweeted 2012-07-18])
* [http://www.juixing.com Juixing.com - juice recipes] uses hCard markup on recipe pages.
==== Australia orgs ====
* [http://www.brdatasystems.com.au/contact-us.html B&R Data Systems] is an organisation hCard. We have also used the technorati tool to download as a vCard, which I think is useful for a business.
==== England orgs ====
* [http://www.alexandersremovals.co.uk/ Alexanders Removals] uses hCard for business address and contact details.
* [http://www.confidence2smile.co.uk/ Confidence 2 Smile] uses hCard for business address and contact details.
* Counselling Psychologist London (counsellingpsychologistlondon.com) uses hCard for practice contact details for the page [http://counsellingpsychologistlondon.com/londonpsychologist.html private psychologists in london]
* [http://www.dovetaildental.co.uk/ Dovetail Dental] uses hCard for business address and contact details.
* [http://www.electricalcerts.co.uk/ Electrical Certs] uses hCard for business address and contact details.
* [http://www.guaranteemyrent.com/ Guarantee My Rent] uses hCard on their [http://www.guaranteemyrent.com/contact/ Contact us page]
==== France orgs ====
* [http://www.fnacspectacles.com fnacspectacles], (online ticket office) uses hCard (vcard) and hCalendar (vevent) on events. Example [http://www.fnacspectacles.com/place-spectacle/manifestation/Film-PIERRE-RABHI---AU-NOM-DE-LA-TERRE-PRAB.htm Film Pierre Rahbi - Au nom de la Terre] (note the english section on http://www.fnactickets.com/ does not support microformats)
* [http://www.vtcreative.fr/ Vtcreative] uses hCard in the footer on the home page.
==== Spain orgs ====
* [https://qoolife.com Qoolife] uses hCard for the hospitals, medical centres and online practices in their directory. E.g. [https://qoolife.com/s/instituto-andaluz-de-neurologia-pediatrica Inst. Andaluz Neurología Pediátrica].
==== Germany orgs ====
* [http://www.hsg-kl.de/impressum/index.php Hohenstaufen Gymnasium Kaiserslautern] has hCard contact info
** '''suboptimal''': <code>adr</code> subproperties are not recognized due to lack of explicit "adr" property.
*** evidence that has helped drive the flatter design of [[microformats-2]] including h-card which permits adr properties, e.g. 'street-address' directly inside the hCard instead of requiring an explicit 'adr' in the hierarchy. - [[User:Tantek|Tantek]] 01:46, 17 May 2012 (UTC)
==== Georgia orgs ====
* [http://www.serviceklimatistikon.gr/contact/ magiClima's contact page] uses for customer contact information.
==== Israel orgs ====
* [http://artprints.co.il/contact.html Art Prints contact information]
* [http://printsolution.ro reincarcari cartuse] uses hCard on contact listings.
* [http://www.troya-garden.co.il Troya Garden wedding hall contact information]
* [http://www.taim.co.il/%D7%A4%D7%A8%D7%98%D7%99-%D7%94%D7%AA%D7%A7%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%AA Sandwich Bar contact information]
==== Italy orgs ====
* [http://www.webmotion.it Webmotion - Siti internet] uses hCard markup on their [http://www.webmotion.it/contatti contact page].
* [http://www.numidia.it Numidia.it] uses hCard markup for their [http://www.numidia.it/#/direzioni contact info].
==== Netherlands orgs ====
* [http://www.kdvkabouterbos.nl/ Kinderdagverblijf Kabouterbos], a day care / nursery that uses an hCard for their contact information (footer).
* [http://www.simourix.nl Simourix] At the top of each page you'll find our hcard. Only the address, phone number and email address are visible, but the actual hcard contains much more info.
Mis-sorted - this should be moved to a search results section:
* [http://www.michrome.com Michrome Marketing Lists (UK)] use hCard on all their search result data.  For example, [http://michrome.com/free-leads/162-Bradford-BD9 Startup Companies in Bradford].
Old: (these sites used to have hCard, some may have gone offline)
* <nowiki>http://technorati.com Technorati</nowiki> (2004-2011)
** <nowiki>http://technorati.com/about/ about, http://technorati.com/press/ press, and http://technorati.com/about/contact.html contact</nowiki> pages with hCard and have "Add to Address Book" links with the <nowiki>http://feed.technorati.com/contacts/ Technorati Contacts Feed service</nowiki>.
* <nowiki>http://technorati.jp Technorati Japan</nowiki> (2004-2011)
** <nowiki>http://technorati.jp/about/contact.html contact</nowiki> page marked up with hCard.
==== Romanian orgs ====
* [http://www.myman.ro MyMan.ro - online store] uses hCard markup on product pages.
==== Russia orgs ====
* [http://xn----dtbqhchsfl0ah.xn--p1ai/ Buy Rockwool] uses hCard markup on its [http://xn----dtbqhchsfl0ah.xn--p1ai/%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BD%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BA%D1%82%D1%8B/ contact page].
==== Scotland orgs ====
* [http://www.fdantiques.com/contact.asp Hannies Antiques Ltd contact page] has an hCard with geo too.
==== Uruguay orgs ====
* [http://blog.cuboxlabs.com/ Cubox labs] has a nice contact info hCard on their blog home page with address, email, telephone, twitter, github.
=== Institutions ===
* Mozilla's WebFWD [https://webfwd.org/about/experts/ experts] and [https://webfwd.org/about/team/ team] pages have hCards, including [[microformats-2]] h-card markup.
* [http://conferences.oreillynet.com/contacts.csp O'Reilly's Conferences Team page] has hCards for their team (~14) with a link to "Download the below contact info in vcf format" that uses the old Technorati contacts feed service to convert the hCards into vCards.
** needs updating to use [[H2VX]] instead of Technorati
** '''suboptimal''': The "org" shouldn't be hidden with "display:none". Instead, use the [[include-pattern]] to include the "org" from text elsewhere on the page (to avoid duplicating the text).
'''with some problems:'''
* The [http://www.ibm.com/contact/employees/ IBM Employee Directory] returns hCards in its query results
** E.g. [http://www.ibm.com/contact/employees/servlets/lookup?country=us&language=en&search_country=all&lastname=Kaply&firstname=Michael search for Michael Kaply],
** but with some problems:
*** '''invalid''': no "fn" (would be addressed by the [[hcard-brainstorming#Implied_FN_from_N|implied fn from n proposal]])
*** '''suboptimal''': adr has no children and thus is not providing any data (may be addressed by the [[hcard-brainstorming#implied_adr_subproperties|implied adr subproperties proposal]])
* [http://www.boltonmuseums.org.uk Bolton Museum and Archive Service] uses hCard on its
**[http://www.boltonmuseums.org.uk/about/contact/ Contacts] page
***'''invalid''': Several have no "fn"
**and on each of its visitor attractions pages e.g. on the [http://www.boltonmuseums.org.uk/visiting/findhallthwood/ Hall i' th' Wood location page].
***'''suboptimal''': "email" and "tel" properties mistakenly include "Email:" and "Telephone:" labels.
* [http://soap.stanford.edu/ Stanford Online Accessibility Program] has implemented hCard on every page
** '''suboptimal''': positioned off screen via CSS
* [http://www.belkin.com/pressroom/releases/uploads/10_09_06SportCommand.html Belkin Press Release] - All Belkin  press releases since October 2006 use hCard and vCard for company contact info.
** '''invalid''': Example has 1 (out of 3) invalid hCard due to lack of "fn".
* [http://www.alexa.com Alexa Internet] marked up its [http://www.alexa.com/site/company/managers managers' page] with hCard.
** '''suboptimal''': job "title" is included inside within "fn" property.
* ...
* 2005-2010(?) <nowiki>http://technorati.com/about/staff.html Technorati's Staff page had hCards for its employees (~31)</nowiki>
** E.g. <nowiki>http://technorati.com/about/staff.html?s=matthew_levine#matthew_levine Matthew Levine, http://technorati.com/about/staff.html?s=ryan_king#ryan_king Ryan King, etc.</nowiki>
=== Online Profiles ===
* See [[hcard-supporting-profiles]].
=== Online Venues ===
* [http://www.airfix.com/stockists-and-distributors/ Airfix Stockists and Distributors], e.g. [http://www.airfix.com/stockists-and-distributors/?postcode=b1+1bb&root_rid=1&search.x=0&search.y=0&search=search]
**'''suboptimal''': <code>street-address</code> contains street address, locality and region (e.g. "99 Hobs Moat Rd, Solihull, W. Midlands")
**'''suboptimal''': <code>postal-code</code> and <code>country-name</code> include preprended commas
**'''suboptimal''': <code>fn</code> is used; should be <code>fn org</code>
* [http://citysearch.com/ Citysearch] supports hCard (e.g. [http://seattle.citysearch.com/profile/10767458/seattle_wa/tulio_ristorante.html Tulio Ristorante in Seattle] and [http://sanfrancisco.citysearch.com/profile/46396865/san_francisco_ca/four_barrel_coffee.html Four Barrel in SF]) nested inside an [[hreview-aggregate]].
* [http://www.easthampshire.org/ easthampshire.org] - hCard on events and events map - e.g. http://easthampshire.org/eventdetail/wine_society_evening/1372606 and http://easthampshire.org/eventmap/wine_society_evening/1372606 built by [http://www.callendercreates.com Callender Creates]
* [http://foursquare.com Foursquare] supports hCard on venue pages, e.g. [https://foursquare.com/v/four-barrel-coffee/480d1a5ef964a520284f1fe3 Four Barrel Coffee]
* [http://rinklinks.ca/ RinkLinks.ca: A Comprehensive Rinks and Arenas Directory for North America] supports an hCards for listings in their directory.
* [http://www.sydneydirectory.org/ Sydney Directory Wiki] supports hCard and geographical coordinates for locations, e.g. the [http://www.sydneydirectory.org/index.php/Opera_House Sydney Opera House].
* [http://webmaker.org Webmaker] (by Mozilla) supports hCard (and [[uf2]] h-card) on venues of events, e.g. [https://webmaker.org/en-US/events/192f56eb9/ IndieWebCamp 2012] (as [https://twitter.com/microformats/status/212207925643587585 tweeted 2012-06-12]).
=== Event Venues ===
* [http://eventbrite.com Eventbrite] events all have their venues/locations marked up with hCard, e.g. [http://csswgtucson.eventbrite.com Meet The W3C CSS Working Group!]
* ...
=== Event Speakers ===
* [http://fluentconf.com/fluent2012 O'Reilly fluent conference 2012] sessions, e.g. [http://fluentconf.com/fluent2012/public/schedule/detail/25831 Federated Wiki Mashes Data in Your Browser] have speakers marked up with hCard.
* ...
=== Speakers Listings ===
* ... lots more to add from events since 2007, e.g. every dConstruct etc.
==== 2007 ====
[[to-do]]: check 2007 [[presentations]] as they likely contain links to conferences that marked up their speakers page(s) with hCard.
* 09: [http://2006.dconstruct.org/speakers/ d.Construct 2007 speakers]
==== 2006 ====
[[to-do]]: check 2006 [[presentations]] as they likely contain links to conferences that marked up their speakers page(s) with hCard.
* 09: [http://2006.dconstruct.org/speakers/ d.Construct 2006 speakers]
==== 2005 ====
[[to-do]]: check 2005 [[presentations]] as they likely contain links to conferences that marked up their speakers page(s) with hCard.
* 12: [http://tantek.com/microformats/2005/syndicate/speakers-list.html Syndicate - Speaker List] (hCarded version hosted at tantek.com)
* 10: [http://tantek.com/microformats/2005/web2/speakers.html Web 2.0 Conference 2005 -- Speakers] (hCarded version hosted at tantek.com)
* 09: [http://web.archive.org/web/20051102094339/we05.com/ Web Essentials 05] - [http://web.archive.org/web/20051102094339/we05.com/presenters.cfm The Presenters]  <nowiki>original URL: http://we05.com/presenters.cfm</nowiki> (appears to have stopped working as of 2007-12-18, perhaps earlier). Web Essentials 2005 (we05) was the [http://tantek.com/log/2005/10.html#d06t1720 first conference to adopt hCard and hCalendar] on their website and marked up all their presenters with hCard.
=== Group Blogs ===
* The [http://www.ibm.com/shortcuts/ IBM Shortcuts Podcast] has authors marked up with hCard but has some problems:
** '''hidden''': The root hCard element as well as every property contained therein is made invisible through a style attribute containing "position:absolute; visibility:hidden".
=== Wiki Templates ===
* Wikipedia
*** People. starting to roll-out on articles about people, for example [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_einstein Albert Einstein]. The nature of Wikipedia means that there are a large number of templates to update (Albert's is "infobox scientist; there's also "infobox military people", "infobox musician" and so on, almost ad infinitum). DoB is only included if it's entered using a birth-date template, not as raw text.
*** Places/orgs. starting to roll-out on articles about places, for example on UK Railway station template, e.g. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birmingham_New_Street Birmingham New Street station] (includes Geo); and  cities, for example [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City New York]. See above for note on Wikipedia templates.
***[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Templates_generating_Geo Wikipedia templates generating Geo]
****'''hidden''' - for example [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Minnesota_State_Parks List of Minnesota state parks]; [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Alberta_Highway_60&diff=prev&oldid=157308650 Alberta Highway 60]
****Note also removal of hCard properties, e.g. [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Gaudi_Buildings&diff=prev&oldid=157704557 List_of_Gaudi_Buildings]
*** Any Wikipedia editors willing to assist with updating templates should see [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Microformats Wikipedia's microformat project]; [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Templates_generating_hCards Wikipedia templates generating hCards]
***Unfortunately, [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Template:Infobox_Protected_area&diff=prev&oldid=152308153 other editors are already breaking some of the implementations on Wikipedia]; e.g. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Canyon_National_Park Grand Canyon National Park]; [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_islands_of_Argentina&diff=prev&oldid=155590535 removal of "region" attributes]
*** <s> Wikipedia now has a template, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Hcard-geo hcard-geo], for in-line hCards with coordinates, such as that on [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engine_Arm Engine Arm]</s>
**Wikipedia-UK (Ukranian) starting to roll out on biographies e.g. [http://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%93%D0%B5%D1%82%D1%8C%D0%BC%D0%B0%D0%BD_%D0%92%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0%B8%D0%BC_%D0%9F%D0%B5%D1%82%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87 Vadym Hetman]
* Wikiqueer
** [http://www.wikiqueer.org/w/Category:Templates_generating_hCards Wikiqueer templates generating hCards]
** [http://www.wikiqueer.org/w/Category:Templates_generating_microformats Wikiqueer templates generating microformats] in general
=== Authors ===
* [http://time.com TIME.com] marks up articles with hAtom including authors with hCard, e.g. [http://techland.time.com/2012/05/10/like-to-brag-on-facebook-or-twitter-thats-because-self-disclosure-is-like-eating-and-sex-says-study/ Like to Brag on Facebook or Twitter? That’s Because Self-Disclosure Is like Eating and Sex, Says Study]
* [http://lazylibrary.com LazyLibrary] uses author hCard's on every book page. Example: [http://lazylibrary.com/book/0751370576]
** '''suboptimal''' [http://lazylibrary.com/book/0751370576 Example] has an fn of "Dorling Kindersley, David West Reynolds" which should be split into two hCards! (site would also benefit from hReview).
* ... many more (e.g. see unsorted list above, verify and move here)
=== Search Results ===
* [http://www.bath.ac.uk/contact/ University of Bath] Person Finder results are encoded with hCards so you can easily create a vCard from any result.
** '''invalid''': attempt to use Implied-N optimization where that's not possible,
** '''suboptimal''': honorific-prefix could be explicitly marked up
*** Error appears for external users only. Won't be fixed any time soon. -- [[User:PhilWilson|PhilWilson]] 00:03, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)
* [http://www.yourtraces.com/social_index.php YourTraces SocialSearch] Try ''high results'' (hohe Relevanz) to get only websites marked with hcard as a person.
=== Listing Contact ===
Contact information for listings, e.g. job postings, items for sale, etc.
* [http://bestsecurityjobs.co.uk/ Best Security Jobs] is a UK jobs board that uses hCard on the homepage for job listings.
* [http://printsolution.ro reincarcari cartuse] uses hCard on contact listings.
* [http://seogadget.co.uk/search-marketing-executive-upto-30k-portsmouth/ search marketing executive] published by [http://seogadget.co.uk/ SEOgadget].
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===UTF8 Examples===
These examples all contain one or more characters in UTF8 that are outside the ASCII7 range and make for excellent test cases to make sure you are handling UTF8 properly throughout your hCard parsing and transforming. And especially if you are generating vCards, these test cases will help you make sure you are generating UTF8 vCards in such a way that can be recognized by UTF8 supporting vCard applications. Sorted roughly alphabetically (per Unicode).
* [http://imageconcept.ru/contacts.html ImageConcept (ИмиджКонцепт)] embedded UTF8 encoded hCard with Russian characters in «Contacts» page of website.
* [http://sphinx.net.ru/author/ Dmitry Dzhus] embedded his UTF8 encoded hCard with Russian characters in «Author» page of his website.
* [http://ecdlweb.com/ ECDLWeb.com] encodes hCard and Geo information of ECDL and ICDL test centres in UTF-8. Test case for Central European ([http://ecdlweb.com/en/czech-republic/sps-ceska-lipa Czech], [http://ecdlweb.com/en/hungary/athene-idegenforgalmi-informatikai-es-uzletemberkepzo-szakkozepiskola Hungarian] etc.) and [http://ecdlweb.com/en/belarus/belhard Cyrillic] characters.
* [http://tantek.com/ Tantek's Thoughts] encodes Çelik as inline UTF8.
* [http://technorati.jp/about/contact.html Technorati Japan contact information] encodes Japanese as inline UTF8.
* [http://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%93%D0%B5%D1%82%D1%8C%D0%BC%D0%B0%D0%BD_%D0%92%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0%B8%D0%BC_%D0%9F%D0%B5%D1%82%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87 Vadym Hetman] (Wikipedia-UK (Ukranian))
==== nickname only ====
These UTF8 examples only have UTF8 for the "nickname" property and are thus are a bit easier for testing than the previous examples.
* Various Wikipedia-EN articles, e.g. the "nickname" in: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noyabrsk Noyabrsk] (Russian), [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thessaloniki Thessaloniki] (Greek), [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyoto Kyoto] (Japanese) and [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beijing Beijing] (Chinese)
===non-HTML examples===
* [http://dannyayers.com/misc/microformats/hcard-svg Danny Ayers' SVG hCard demo]
=== missing ===
Examples that used to have one or more hCards but now don't seem to have any. If you do find one, please include direct links to at least two (assuming there are two or more) pages at the referenced site that have one or more hCards.
* [http://mapquest.com Mapquest] now supports hCards for business and places in the search results (e.g. [http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&country=US&searchtab=home&formtype=address&cat=Whole+Foods&city=san+francisco&state=ca search for Whole Foods in San Francisco])
** appears to be missing hCards as of 2008-09-07
== related pages ==
* [[hcalendar-examples-in-wild|hCalendar examples in the wild]]

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Online Turkish business telephone directory website Burdabuluruz.com [1] implements valid hCard and hReview-Aggregate for companies, contact information with geo tags and user comments.