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hListing Challenge Problems

These are some scenarios that are more difficult or advanced challenges for an hListing format to accomodate

Minimal Classified Ad

2 cute puppies need a new home in Noe Valley before this weekend. Call 415-555-1212 or email dont@litter.com.

<p class="hlisting offer">2 <span class="item fn">cute puppies</span>
 need a new home in <span class="adr locality">Noe Valley</span> before
 <abbr title="20050206" class="dtexpired">this weekend</abbr>.
 <span class="lister">Call <span class="tel">415-555-1212</span> or 
  <a href="mailto:dont@litter.com" class="email">dont@litter.com</span>

[Note: the example above is dangerously incomplete, requiring the consumer of the microformatted data block to infer the dtlisted from the enclosing blog post or HTTP last-modified date; to infer that Noe Valley is in San Francisco, CA; and that the location of the item may not have any bearing on the location of the lister. Oh, and tel is missing an enclosing vcard...]

Structured CFP

Wanted: Yacht charter from Bahamas to Miami during the first week in April; must sleep 11 and should have its own helipad. Please submit bids care of Dewey, Cheathem & Howe, 1 Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02139 before the end of February.

<div class="hlisting wanted">Wanted: <span class="summary">Yacht charter
  from <span class="location adr country">Bahamas</span> to Miami 
  during the first week in April</span>; <span class="description">must sleep 11
  and should have its own helipad.</span> Please submit bids care of
   <span class="lister vcard"><span class="org fn"> Dewey, Cheathem & Howe</span>,
   <span class="adr street">1 Harvard Square</span>, 
   <span class="adr locality">Cambridge</span>, <span class="adr region">MA</span> 
   <span class="adr postal-code">02139</span> before the 
   <abbr class="dtexpired" title="20060228">end of February</abbr>.

[Note: the listing above does not specify a dtlisted; and is unclear about how to handle overlap between summary, description, and item name; it does not use category tags at all ]

Multiple Listing

I need more space!

The time has come for me to reclaim some precious bookshelf space :(

Amiga Hardware Reference Manual 465pp, paperback ISBN: 0201567768 $0.99 + s/h
Apple //c Technical Reference Manual 543pp ISBN: 0201177528 $5 ($3 s/h)
The NeXT Book by Bruce F. Webster priceless

Posted by: Dr. Rohit Khare at 4:20 PM under garage-sale, books, programming