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* [http://ottawa.en.craigslist.ca/sys/1135033483.html craiglist]
* [http://ottawa.en.craigslist.ca/sys/1135033483.html craiglist]
** Properties: item info, condition, description, price, lister, list date, availability, shipping
** Properties: item info, condition, description, price, lister, list date, availability, shipping
* [http://www.skldintl.com solar garden light]
**Properties: item info, condition, description, price, list date, shipping
* [http://www.cowboom.com/index.cfm cow boom]
* [http://www.cowboom.com/index.cfm cow boom]

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Listing Examples

This page is informative.

The purpose of the content on this page is to serve as background for the improvement of the transactional/listing (hListing) microformat. There are examples in the wild, and this page can serve as a supplement for those examples and for experimentation and implementation.



New Examples

If you have implemented hListing on your own page, feel free to add it to the top of this list. Please be sure to include at least one URL to a page on your site that includes actual hListing markup.

Live Product Examples

  • craiglist
    • Properties: item info, condition, description, price, lister, list date, availability, shipping
  • solar garden light
    • Properties: item info, condition, description, price, list date, shipping
  • cow boom
    • Properties: item info, condition, price, what's included, shipping
  • Overstock auctions
    • Properties: item info, list date, expiriry date, shipping, condition, description
  • ebay
    • Properties: price, shipping, payment options, item info, quantity, condition, origin, product type, description, return policy, payment details
  • ubid
    • Properties: photo, quantity, item info, condition, quantity, shipping
  • bidz.com
    • Properties: price, item info, availability, condition, country of origin, description, shipping
  • dell auctions
    • item info, price, list date, expiriry date, shipping, condition
  • amazon marketplace
    • Properties: availability, name, manufacturer, price, shipping, shopping cart link
  • msn shopping
    • Properties: title, artist, photo, description, condition, price, buy, shipping, seller
  • shopping.com
    • Properties: photo, title, rating (aggregate), details, manufacturer, description, seller, shipping, price, condition, availability
  • dealtime.com
    • Properties: photo, price range, link, seller, specs, title, shipping, description, availability
  • pronto.com
    • Properties: photo, price, availability, rating, shipping, link,
  • pricegrabber.com
    • Properties: photo, price, rating, description, shipping, tax, seller, condition, availability
  • shopper.com
    • Properties: title, price range, ratings, description, seller(s), seller rating, dtstart, shipping, availability
  • my simon
    • Properties: price range, seller, store rating, availability, price, link, shipping
  • compu plus
    • Properties: condition, availability, shipping, price, description
  • smarter.com
    • Properties: seller, price, reviews, availability, condition
  • nextag.com
    • Properties: format, seller(s), seller reviews, condition, availability, price, link, name/title, shipping
  • epier.com
    • Properties: bid, reserve, num bids, dtstart, dtend, quantity, shipping, condition, fulfillment details, seller, title
  • ebid.net
    • Properties: photo, seller, price, title, quantity, condition, views, location, dtstart, dtend, shipping, payment methods
  • etsy.com
    • Properties: title, photo, description, shipping, payment methods, price, quantity
  • dealsplus
    • Properties: price, shipping, dtend, description, seller(s), title, availability
  • petco.com
    • Properties: price, seller, reviews, shipping, dtends, availability, description
  • allposters.com
    • Properties: price, shipping, related, availability, description
  • target.com
    • Properties: price, quantity, reviews, shipping, availability, shipping info, description
  • leotardworld.com
    • Properties: price, description, availability, shipping, quantity
  • amazon.com
    • Properties: price, availability, shipping, description, ratings, quantity, condition
  • macys.com
    • Properties: description, rating, shipping, returns, availability, price
  • lowes.com
    • Properties: price, availability, shipping
  • homedepot.com
    • Properties: price, shipping, quantity, availability, ratings
  • acehardware.com
    • Properties: related, price, size, quantity, shipping, availability
  • walgreens.com
    • Properties: price, quantity, shipping, availability
  • birdbaths.com
    • Properties: price, savings, rating, shipping, quantity, availability, description
  • circuitcity.com
    • Properties: condition, price, availability, quantity, shipping, description
  • bestbuy.com
    • Properties: shipping, price, description, availability
  • cduniverse.com
    • Properties: price, availability, shipping, description, format
  • napaonline.com
    • Properties: description, availability, price, shipping, condition
  • toysrus.com
    • Properties: description, price, availability, shipping
  • usedsports.com
    • Properties: condition, price, quantity, location, shipping, dtends, description, terms
  • biblio.org
    • Properties: price, seller, date published, condition, shipping
  • kugby
    • Properties: price, shipping, availability, condition, payment options, description
  • amazon outlet
    • Properties: price, condition, availability, shipping, quantity
  • half.com
    • Properties: description, condition, price, format, shipping
  • tradeups.com
    • Properties: price, condition, quantity, shipping
  • i.t. xchange
    • Properties: description, condition, quantity, price, availability, shipping
  • micro replay
    • Properties: condition, description, warranty, availability
  • abt.com
    • Properties: availability, description, shipping, price
  • apple store
    • Properties: title, description, price, shipping, availability, condition
  • buy.com
    • Properties: price, shipping, availability, quantity,
  • Tech Excess
    • Properties: price, description, condition, quantity,
  • kitchen gourmet
    • Properties: title, condition, price, quantity, shipping, description
  • pixmania.co.uk
    • Properties: seller, price, condition, shipping, availability
  • same day music
    • Properties: condition, availability, shipping, price, description
  • online surplus
    • Properties: condition, shipping, quantity, availability, price, description
  • second spin
    • Properties: availability, quantity, price, condition (implied)
  • wherehouse.com
    • Properties: availability, price, condition, description
  • gamestop
    • Properties: shipping, price, condition, availability
  • big words
    • Properties: condition, seller, description, price, shipping, availability
  • alibris
    • Properties: title, condition, format, shipping, availability, price
  • master magnets
    • Properties: title, availability, quantity, description, condition
  • ezcafe
    • Properties: title, price, description, condition, availability, dtstart
  • holt cat
    • Properties: manufacturer, price, availability, condition
  • silicon solar
    • Properties: condition, price, quantity, availability
  • joe's sports
    • Properties: price, description, quantity, availability, shipping
  • amazon.com
    • Properties: title, price, condition, availability, shipping
  • tradetang.com
    • Properties: price, title, condition, shipping, availability
  • tiger direct
    • Properties: price, quantity, condition, availability, shipping
  • sony/ sonystyle
    • Properties: condition, price, rating, description, availability, shipping
  • hewlett packard
    • Properties: price, condition, availability, shipping, quantity

Analysis of hListing Research

To date, analysis on 87 commerce or product listing sites was performed to represent a wide array of offers. The new hListing proposal adds three elements -- availability, condition, and shipping. The findings up to this point indicate many commerce and product related sites utilizing the proposed hlisting attributes of availability, condition and shipping. The research produced these results for the proposed new attributes:

  • Availability (79.1%)
  • Condition (71.2%)
  • Shipping (82%)