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We're still figuring this out.
We're still figuring this out.
== Read Wikipedia Tips ==
== Wikipedia Tipsを読みましょう ==
For now, see the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Multilingual_coordination Wikipedia page on Multilingual coordination], and [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/How_to_start_a_new_Wikipedia How to start a new Wikipedia] for some good general tips, advice, and community conventions.
翻訳に際し、まずは[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Multilingual_coordination Wikipediaにおける多言語版の位置づけ]、そして[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/How_to_start_a_new_Wikipedia 新しいWikipediaを始めるには] をご覧下さい。
== Pages To Start With ==
== Pages To Start With ==
You may want to start with the list of [[stable-pages]], which are pages that are relatively stable, and have only minimal/editorial changes, which makes them much easier to keep in sync with the English versions, by using the [[Special:Watchlist|my watchlist]] feature (use it to watch the pages you've translated for changes).
== Page naming convention ==
== ページ名の規約 ==
Page naming: for the translated version of a page, use the same name for the page, and simply add the RFC 3066 language identifier code as a dash suffix. E.g. for the French version, [[Main_Page]] becomes [[Main_Page-fr]], and [[how-to-play]] becomes [[how-to-play-fr]].
翻訳したページの名前: 翻訳したページのページ名は、英語版のページ名の末尾にハイフンに続いてRFC 3066の言語コード付けてください。例えば日本語版では、[[Main_Page]][[Main_Page-ja]]に、そして [[how-to-play]][[how-to-play-ja]]になります。
== more languages folks want to see ==
== more languages folks want to see ==

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How to start a microformats wiki in another language


Start a microformats wiki in another language.

Don't see the language you want among List of microformats wiki translations? Help translate this microformats wiki into another language!

We're still figuring this out.

Wikipedia Tipsを読みましょう

翻訳に際し、まずはWikipediaにおける多言語版の位置づけ、そして新しいWikipediaを始めるには をご覧下さい。 一般的なTIPSやアドバイス、このコミュニティの慣習が書いてあります。

Pages To Start With



翻訳したページの名前: 翻訳したページのページ名は、英語版のページ名の末尾にハイフンに続いてRFC 3066の言語コード付けてください。例えば日本語版では、Main_PageMain_Page-jaに、そして How to PlayHow to Playになります。

more languages folks want to see

  • Chinese: 微格式 (Microformats) (see source of translation)
  • Does somebody want to see a Dutch translation???

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