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Here's a first pass at a XMDP profile for hReview

  • dtreviewed: date/time the review was written.
  • summary: a short synopsis of the review, the title of the review.
  • reviewer: the hCard of the person who is doing the review.
  • item: the thing (product, event, business, etc) being reviewed. This property contains these subproperties (which all come from hCard):
fn: the formatted name of the thing being reviewed (e.g., if the thing being reviewed is a book, then fn is the book title; if the thing being reviewed is a movie then fn is the name of the movie).
url: the URL to the thing being reviewed (e.g., if the thing being reviewed is a company that paints houses, then url is the URL to their web site).
photo: a URL to the thing being reviewed (e.g., if the thing being reviewed is a book, then photo is the URL to a photo of the book).
  • rating: a rating of the thing being reviewed. The default rating scale is 1.0 - 5.0, where 1.0 represents the lowest rating and 5.0 represents the highest rating. There are two optional subproperties - worst and best - for use when a different rating scale is desired.
  • type: the kind of thing being reviewed. Legal values are:
product, event, business, person, place, website, url.
  • description: the full text of the opinion of the reviewer.
  • rel=tag: use the Rel-tag microformat to associate a tag with the thing being reviewed.
  • permalink: a permalink is a long-lived URL. If the review is embedded within a web page that is continually being updated, a permalink is a permanent link to the review (even if the review is moved off the web page). Web tools that index reviews may use this property as a unique ID for collating reviews from multiple sources.
  • rel=license: use the Rel-license microformat to associate a license with the review.
  • version: use to indicate the version of the hReview specification being used. This tutorial is describing version 0.3