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{{warning|This page violates several aspects of the microformats [[process]].  In particular: failure to document [[to-do-examples]], [[to-do-formats]], [[to-do-brainstorming]], premature naming.  Please read [[process]] and join the #microformats [[irc]] channel on Freenode before proceeding any further.}}
''Consider this document purely historical, and start any new to do work from the beginning of the process with [[to-do-research]]. See '''[[process]]''' for details for how to start that page. [[User:Tantek|Tantek]] 18:58, 29 June 2017 (UTC)''
''This is a very out-of-date draft that predates what we learned from [[hCard]] and [[hCalendar]] and wrote up in the microformats [[process]]. This document is a premature brainstorm at best, and should eventually be moved to [[to-do-brainstorming]] once [[to-do-examples]] and [[to-do-formats]] have some substance.''
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICalendar#To-do_.28VTODO.29 VTODO] is part of the [http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2445.txt RFC2445 iCalendar spec] used for describing todo items.
VTODO is fairly straight-forward, as it doesn't contain any nested entities, and has a fairly small list of properties.  Most of these it shares with VEVENT, suggesting htodo be modeled on hevent in [[hcalendar]], and the ground assumption is that htodo should work just like hevent with respect to these properties.  The shared properties are:
''class, created, description, dtstamp, dtstart, geo, last-mod, location, organizer, priority, recurid, seq, statusm summary, uid, url, duration, attach, attendee, categories, comment, contact, exdate, exrule, rstatus, related, resources, rdate, rrule, x-prop''
The unique properties to VTODO are:
* '''completed''' The date/time the todo was completed
* '''due''' The date/time this todo is due
* '''percent''' Integer from 0-100, completion status
As the data types for '''completed''' and '''due''' are the same as, e.g., '''dtstart''', then the usage should be the same.  For example,
&lt;abbr class="due" title="2007-01-01T13:10:05.0Z"&gt;January 1, 2007&lt;/abbr&gt;
As for percent, the contents of span with class "percent" will do, I think.  If there is a "%" in the body, it can be ignored.  The numerical part is assumed to be from 0-100.  For example,
&lt;span class="percent"&gt;50%&lt;/span&gt;
&lt;span class="percent"&gt;50&lt;/span&gt; percent
are equivalent.
Here is a full example,
&lt;div class="vtodo"&gt;
  &lt;span class="summary"&gt;Create a spec for hToDo&lt;/span&gt;
  &lt;span class="status"&gt;first draft&lt;/span&gt;
  Initiated &lt;abbr class="dtstart" title="2006-05-12"&gt;May 12, 2006&lt;/abbr&gt;

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