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<entry-title>hWiki 0.0</entry-title> This document represents a draft microformat specification. Although drafts are somewhat mature in the development process, the stability of this document cannot be guaranteed, and implementers should be prepared to keep abreast of future developments and changes. Watch this wiki page, or follow discussions on the #microformats Freenode IRC channel to stay up-to-date.

hWiki is a wiki content and functionality identifier.


The wikis are popular and may be useful if the the user agent may talk with the user what is the collaborative and editable content on the page, how he can do this and other interaction optimizations wiki-sys-independent. This may be useful for indexers bots too. If they know what is the collaborative text, what is the link for the past versions, etc...

List of Wiki Entities to identify

What we must identify? There are Hierarchic?

  • Wiki Header
    • Wiki Name
    • Wiki Page Permission - values: public-unauthenticated, public-authenticated and group-restricted
  • Wiki Page Name
  • Wiki Content
    • Wiki Content TOC
    • Section Edit Button
  • Wiki Actions
    • Edit Button
    • History Button
    • Delete Button
    • Attach File Button
    • "Link to Me" Button
  • Wiki Page Versions
    • Preview version Button - identifying the version
    • Version to version diff Button - identifying the versions
  • Wiki Page Revision
    • Last editor name
    • Last editor page link
    • Revision number
    • Revision date