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Thanks to all of these hard-working developers and innovative companies and organizations for supporting microformats.

This is an alphabetical listing of all companies, developers (by last name) and organizations who have built and shipped at least one implementation (see above for details of each implementation) that users can use.

Please help complete this list! If you have coded support for microformats and don't see your name, add it! If your company supports microformats in its applications, add it!

Note: please add direct links to specific applications, plugins, services, or tools to the list of Applications / Plugins / Services / Tools on the Microformats Implementations page and then link to those from their implementor with a fragment identifier link, e.g. to link to the "Cork'd" wine review community:

  • [[implementations#Cork'd|Cork'd]]

Similarly, for additional sites, put direct links to them in the Additional Sites section and then link to them from their implementor with a fragment identifier link.

Companies and Organizations

Apple Computer

Apple Computer has implemented microformats in:

Digital Bazaar

Digital Bazaar has implemented microformats in:

  • Bitmunk a legal, peer-to-peer digital content network for buying and selling music, movies and television.




Laughing Squid

Leonard Lin



Nature Publishing Group









Andy Hume

Andy Baio

Assaf Arkin

Brian Del Vecchio

Brian Suda

Chris Casciano

Chris Wanstrath

Chris Messina

WP Microformatted Blogroll

Chris Saccheri

Calvin Yu

Dan Cederholm

David Janes

David Long and James Myers

Drew McLellan

Gordon Luk

Ingo Renner

Ingo Renner has implemented hCard and XFN in:

James E. Robinson, III

James has implemented hAtom and hCalendar for:

Josh Smith

Kent Brewster

Kevin Marks

Kingsley Joseph

Kingsley Joseph:

Mark West

Remy Sharp

Robert de Bruin

Ryan King

Scott Allan Wallick

Scott Reynen

Steffen Voß

Steve Ivy

Tantek Çelik

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