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Include Pattern Examples in the Wild

Pages which use the include-pattern. Please add new examples to the top of this list, and specify whether object or a is used for the included content.


  • Niall Kennedy's Weblog uses empty anchor with include pattern to reference the parent company of an hcard org-unit when mentioned. Include hcards currently appear as invalid in Operator.
  • Joseph Bergantine uses a include syntax throughout the site to combine information in various places on the page, originally used object syntax but that caused significant issues in Safari
  • INGV Bologna uses include-pattern for organization-name and fax in hcards of staff-members. The hcards are marked up as table-rows, <a href="#anchorName"></a> sintax is used for the included data.
  • 3AM Productions uses include-pattern for filling in hcard pieces throughout the page. Originally used object but switched to a due to issues styling object in IE as well as accessibility validator issues (Cynthia)
  • The West Midland Bird Club in the English Midlands uses include-pattern, with object, to include the logo from the top of each page, in the page-footer's hCard (e.g on the What's New page), and to include the location and page-URL of, for example, its indoor meetings in Birmingham in their hCalendar microforamts.
  • ...

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