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Measure microformat

The problem

Measures are omnipresent on the Web (ex. description of product or service offering, temperatures), but they differ from locale to locale (ex. Fahrenheit vs. Celsius, Pound versus Kilogram) making comparison and matching of offerings difficult.

The Measurement Unit microformat will enable unambiguous description of measures and as a result easier comparison and matching of offerings.

Related microformats

  • job-listing can use time measure for specify per what period of time the salary is for.
  • hListing draft same as for job listing.
  • directions-examples can use length measure for mileage and time to go from one point to the next.
  • recipe-examples can use weigh and time measure for ingredient and preparation time.
  • currency can be viewed as a measurement unit, or as a component of a measurement unit, as in $ per hour.


  • Guillaume Lebleu

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