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Measure Examples

This page collects examples of measures on the Web.


Search for "feet", "mpg", "mph", "sec" on eBay, you will find examples similar to the following ones:

<h1 class="itemTitle">S-Video TV Out 1.5m 5 Feet Extension S Video DVD Cable</h1>
<li>Measures 60" (1.5m) long</li>
<li>Extend your S-video cable by 1.5m long</li>
<LI>620 hp @ 5,200 rpm 
<LI>650 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm <BR><BR><B>Performance:</B> 
<LI>0 - 60 mph: 3.7 sec. * </LI></DIV>
<LI>1/4 mile: 12.1 sec. @ 114 mph</LI></DIV>

Royal Palms Hotel

  • Use of "hightemp" as class name
  • Link to a page with detailed weather
<div id="nav-weather-footer">
   Local Time: <span id="localtime">11:52 am</span><br />Local Temp: <a href="weather.php"><span class="hightemp">88F/31</span>C</a>	</div>

On the web page with detailed weather.

  • Use of "temp" as class name
  • Use of "high" for high temperature (this would be more relevant for a weather forecast microformat)
  • Use of "low" for low temperature (this would be more relevant for a weather forecast microformat)
<td class="temp">
   Rain Showers Likely
   <div class="high">Hi: 88°F</div>
   <div class="low">Lo: 67°F</div>

National Institute of Standards and Technology

un-POSH Table-based template, the measurement and its uncertainity are on separate table rows:

<tr valign="bottom">
	<td bgcolor="#cce2f3" align="right">
	<td nowrap="" bgcolor="#cce2f3">
		<font size="4" color="red">
			9.109 382 15 x 10 <sup>-31</sup>kg</b>
<tr valign="bottom">
	<td bgcolor="#cce2f3" align="right">
		Standard uncertainty</td>
	<td bgcolor="#cce2f3">
		<font size="4" color="black">
			<tt><b>0.000 000 45 x 10 <sup>-31</sup>kg</b>
</tr> 5-days weather forecast

<abbr> title attribute to describe the unit-measure.

<td class="weathertext" bgcolor="#ffffcc" align="center" headers="w2">
	<div class="tempsym">
		<span class="temptxt">
				<abbr title="Day Temperature in degrees Celsius">

Bendicks nutritional info

<table width="100%">
		<td class="borderbottom"><b>TYPICAL VALUES</b></td>			
		<td align='right' class="borderbottom"><b>Per 100g</b></td>			
		<td align='right' class="borderbottom"><b>Per bar(25g)</b></td>					
	<tr><td>ENERGY</td>	<td align='right'>2410kJ</td> <td align='right'>600kJ</td> </tr>
	<tr> <td></td> <td align='right'>580kcal</td> <td align='right'>145kcal</td> </tr>
	<tr> <td>PROTEIN</td> <td align='right'>6.2g</td> <td align='right'>1.5g</td> </tr>
	<tr> <td>CARBOHYDRATE</td> <td align='right'>49.0g</td>	<td align='right'>12.2g</td> </tr>
	<tr> <td>(of which sugars)</td> <td align='right'>47.3g</td>	<td align='right'>11.8g</td> </tr>
	<tr> <td>FAT</td> <td align='right'>39.8g</td> <td align='right'>10.0g</td> </tr>
	<tr> <td>(of which saturates)</td> <td align='right'>23.8g</td> <td align='right'>5.9g</td>	</tr>
	<tr> <td>FIBRE</td> <td align='right'>0.3g</td> <td align='right'>0.1g</td> </tr>
	<tr> <td>SODIUM</td> <td align='right'>0.05g</td>	<td align='right'>0.01</td>	</tr>
	<tr> <td></td> <td align='right'></td>	<td align='right'></td>	</tr>

more examples for nutritional infos:

a Scientific Journal, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science

HTML articles only available to subscribers, Unit-measures are present only in the table headers, which are not connected with the data-values with the correct semantic headers/scope HTML arguments. Many similar HTML-Tables found in other scientific journals.

In order to skip HTML parsing, data is often shared by means of extra txt/csv files, a measure microformat would be most useful in such cases.

<tr valign="top">
		0.030 (m)
	<td align="char" char=".">
	<td align="char" char=".">

XML solutions/proposals for measures

And finally...

Other units of measurement

See also