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Measure Formats

This is a collection of existing measure formats.


UNECE, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has standardized the measurement unit codes for use in Trade.


ACORD, a leading insurance standardization organization uses the following semantics for expressing measures:

  • Measurement
    • NumUnits (Required) Decimal
    • UnitMeasurementCd (Optional) the value must be one of the ones defined by UNECE.

Systeme International

The internation system of measures consists of base and derived units of measure.

For instance, meter (m) is the elementary unit of length, second (s) the elementary unit of time, and speed or velocity is derived and expressed in meter per second (m/s).

The Unified Code for Units of Measure

The Unified Code for Units of Measure


"UBL is designed to provide a universally understood and recognized commercial syntax for legally binding business documents and to operate within a standard business framework such as ISO 15000 (ebXML) to provide a complete, standards-based infrastructure that can extend the benefits of existing EDI systems to businesses of all sizes."

UBL uses the following semantics for prices:

  • In the context of an Order. a LineItem can have a Quantity which is qualified with a unitCode.
  • In the context of the price of a product: a Price has a PriceAmount qualified with a currencyID, and a BaseQuantity (usually 1) qualified with a unitCode.

The value of unitCode are those defined by UNECE.