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Material for a "microformats.org turns 5" blog post - additional suggestions welcome!

2 billion hCards

According to Yahoo! Search Monkey, there are now over 2 billion hCards on the web:


This is perhaps due to a few fairly large recent deployments:

  • BrightKite.com - all venues and user profiles have hCard (millions)
  • Gravatar - all profiles now have hCards (millions)

94% marketshare

Some additional recent news:

  • microformats has 94% marketshare compared to alternatives (e.g. RDFa) according to Google (announced at the Semantic Technology conference)
- http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/google_semantic_web_push_rich_snippets_usage_grow.php
- richsnippets_june10b.jpg

add more

More suggestions for a microformats.org turns 5 blog post.