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Material for a "microformats.org turns 5" blog post - additional suggestions welcome!

2 billion pages with hCards

According to Yahoo! Search Monkey, there are now over 2 billion pages with hCards on the web:


This is perhaps due to a few fairly large recent deployments:

  • BrightKite.com - all venues and user profiles have hCard (millions)
  • Gravatar - all profiles now have hCards (millions) - used on WordPress.com etc.

There's also been a notable very useful deployment from 37 Signals:

Thanks to Jeremy Keith's help!

  • StatusNet platform uses hCards for all users and groups (Example instance: http://identi.ca/ ). Also uses representative hCards where appropriate. I'm not sure about exact numbers --Sarven Capadisli 22:51, 7 July 2010 (UTC)

94% of rich snippet markup

Some additional recent news:

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More suggestions for a microformats.org turns 5 blog post.