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== Multilingual blogs and sites ==
[[ slot 1 32]] [[ aziende di piscine in catania]] [[ carrie otis]] [[ telecamera mini wireless colore audio]] [[ e-geforce 7800gtx]] [[ la commedia di dio]] [[ www arab it]] [[ bologna berlino biglietti aerei]] [[ filecabi]] [[ elenco lavanderie novara]] [[ carrello appendice]] [[ diamonds girl best friend]] [[ guiaplus com]] [[ canon ef 75-300 usm]] [[ home theatre s fili]] [[ un rapimento quasi perfetto]] [[ sddd]] [[ annuncio con cellulare]] [[ biotherm line peel]] [[ www manastiri go ro]] [[ lavoro pompei]] [[ cha]] [[ isreal]] [[ poesia lettera d amore]] [[ tiralatte chicco]] [[ key polsat]] [[ rose rosse per angelica]] [[ pentium4 550j]] [[ dipladenia]] [[ route66 symbian uiq]] [[ desktop replacement]] [[ le parole dimenticate di gesu]] [[ wanadootv com]] [[ notbad]] [[ homemade porn]] [[ the pacifier missione tata]] [[ stile nuoto farfalla]] [[ sport betting]] [[ toshiba t91]] [[ pentium prescot]] [[ franky m c energy]] [[ hotell s giorgio cesenatico]] [[ testi canzoni matia bazar]] [[ giochi del cazzo]] [[ sony 1080i]] [[ kung fu]] [[ aspirapolvere lavor zeus]] [[ dvd lettore portatile scott]] [[ noleggio ferrari 360 modena]] [[ cattura tour edition]] [[ prime mosse per blue label entertainment]] [[ software per dvd]] [[ cancer treatment]] [[ cocaine]] [[ cda to mp3 convert]] [[ top girl]] [[ agenzie promoter citta di cosenza]] [[ stampanti a3 colori]] [[ testo mad about you mousse t]] [[ resolution gtt 15 ml]] [[ sat upload center]] [[ flamenko]] [[ stati di allucinazione]] [[ ultima online compie un lustro]] [[ hit connection 2004]] [[ amd athlon64 boxed]] [[ foggia cosenza]] [[ jacki chan]] [[ volvo s80 diesel]] [[ edoardo spadaro]] [[ megane coach 1 6]] [[ strade americane]] [[ deloitte]] [[ merrell blu]] [[ chicks]] [[ il paradiso]] [[ usato trattori]] [[ www ceteco it]] [[ richard widmark]] [[ i figli della strada]] [[ help]] [[ falsas esperanzas]] [[ il dopoguerra della 2 guerra mondiale]] [[ skid row]] [[ mietitrebbiatrici]] [[ toshiba m40x- 128 centrino]] [[ dvd walt disney]] [[ hp designjet 70]] [[ motorola - v3 razor silver import]] [[ d-link dsl 502t]] [[ autocad 2004 ita]] [[ st professional snc]] [[ outtrigger]] [[ find it]] [[ trieste roma biglietti aerei]] [[ rest]] [[ riassunto vino e pane]] [[ rivenditori auto kia]] [[ robert mitchum]] [[ meyday]] [[ be2 it]] [[ sei nell aria]] [[ merial frontline combo]] [[ ilocos norte]] [[ eyes in the sky]] [[ marron5 video this love]] [[ auto pordenone]] [[ first van]] [[ karaoke files]] [[ barra]] [[ rs-mmc kingston 512 dual]] [[ eletricista]] [[ celine dion. au coeur du stade]] [[ ata5 hard disk e floppy]] [[ catania francoforte biglietti aerei]] [[ le mondine]] [[ gioia e rivoluzione]] [[ caiazzo]] [[ lluxor]] [[ peplab]] [[ www fortuna it]] [[ foto ballerini]] [[ akcion]] [[ legge n 168 del 2004]] [[ attrezzi accessori auto e moto]] [[ aziende in brescia]] [[ ferrari 360 spider]] [[ transoil srl]] [[ ariete 1330]] [[ travelmate 4051lmi]] [[ ragazzo siracusa]] [[ sicilia turismo]] [[ north carolina real estate]] [[ perche no]] [[ polti new concept]] [[ newcastle-upon-tyne]] [[ philips macchina fotografica]] [[ crossfire chrysler]] [[ escape from monkey island]] [[ lacie 200gb usb2]] [[ www webank it]] [[ trevignano]] [[ tv toshiba]] [[ lettore dvx aggiornabile]] [[ mondrian]] [[ cheap]] [[ video lesbiche gratuiti]] [[ petek dincoz]] [[ linea accessori fiat]] [[ sony - kv-32fq86]] [[ em boy]] [[ www nokia imagin]] [[ un]] [[ annuncio personale gratis incontro foto]] [[ esami abilitazione periti palermo]] [[ siemens kg39m390]] [[ qtek s100]] [[ desmo-]] [[ anno domini]] [[ forget her]] [[ fuseaux nike]] [[ le canzoni di gigi d alessio]] [[ vietchat]] [[ zafira km zero]] [[ delta gps]] [[ ufficio matera]] [[ donne robuste]] [[ age symphoni]] [[ internet security ghost]] [[ antra-]] [[ lavoro come saldatore]] [[ flash nikon]] [[ noleggio auto a lungo termine friuli veneto]] [[ winamp full 2.91]] [[ canon mvx-10i]] [[ digital voice recorder usb]] [[ laudate dominum mozart]] [[ alizee sexy]] [[ aulla]] [[ top ten canzoni settimana]] [[ tutte tette]] [[ celebrita nuda]] [[ calza cotone]] [[ obiettivi canon 55 200]] [[ ragazze di crotone]] [[ stampanti laser a colori minolta]] [[ marina di modica]] [[ dimage z3 di konica minolta]] [[ crociera po]] [[ pensavo fosse amore e invece era un]] [[ karaoke t ferro non me lo so spiegare]] [[ stampante duplex]] [[ miguel mateos]] [[ ati radeon 9200 128mb]] [[ mazda 6 benzina]] [[ contatto webcam]] [[ quota opzionale]] [[ ostelli a londra]] [[ keri russel]] [[ psp sony]] == Multilingual blogs and sites ==

The boundaries on the web are linguistic. An increasing number of people have multilingual websites and blogs. However, existing blog software, although localizable, is designed with the monolingual author/reader in mind. HTML specs are designed mainly for monolingual web pages.
The boundaries on the web are linguistic. An increasing number of people have multilingual websites and blogs. However, existing blog software, although localizable, is designed with the monolingual author/reader in mind. HTML specs are designed mainly for monolingual web pages.

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[slot 1 32] [aziende di piscine in catania] [carrie otis] [telecamera mini wireless colore audio] [e-geforce 7800gtx] [la commedia di dio] [www arab it] [bologna berlino biglietti aerei] [filecabi] [elenco lavanderie novara] [carrello appendice] [diamonds girl best friend] [guiaplus com] [canon ef 75-300 usm] [home theatre s fili] [un rapimento quasi perfetto] [sddd] [annuncio con cellulare] [biotherm line peel] [www manastiri go ro] [lavoro pompei] [cha] [isreal] [poesia lettera d amore] [tiralatte chicco] [key polsat] [rose rosse per angelica] [pentium4 550j] [dipladenia] [route66 symbian uiq] [desktop replacement] [le parole dimenticate di gesu] [wanadootv com] [notbad] [homemade porn] [the pacifier missione tata] [stile nuoto farfalla] [sport betting] [toshiba t91] [pentium prescot] [franky m c energy] [hotell s giorgio cesenatico] [testi canzoni matia bazar] [giochi del cazzo] [sony 1080i] [kung fu] [aspirapolvere lavor zeus] [dvd lettore portatile scott] [noleggio ferrari 360 modena] [cattura tour edition] [prime mosse per blue label entertainment] [software per dvd] [cancer treatment] [cocaine] [cda to mp3 convert] [top girl] [agenzie promoter citta di cosenza] [stampanti a3 colori] [testo mad about you mousse t] [resolution gtt 15 ml] [sat upload center] [flamenko] [stati di allucinazione] [ultima online compie un lustro] [hit connection 2004] [amd athlon64 boxed] [foggia cosenza] [jacki chan] [volvo s80 diesel] [edoardo spadaro] [megane coach 1 6] [strade americane] [deloitte] [merrell blu] [chicks] [il paradiso] [usato trattori] [www ceteco it] [richard widmark] [i figli della strada] [help] [falsas esperanzas] [il dopoguerra della 2 guerra mondiale] [skid row] [mietitrebbiatrici] [toshiba m40x- 128 centrino] [dvd walt disney] [hp designjet 70] [motorola - v3 razor silver import] [d-link dsl 502t] [autocad 2004 ita] [st professional snc] [outtrigger] [find it] [trieste roma biglietti aerei] [rest] [riassunto vino e pane] [rivenditori auto kia] [robert mitchum] [meyday] [be2 it] [sei nell aria] [merial frontline combo] [ilocos norte] [eyes in the sky] [marron5 video this love] [auto pordenone] [first van] [karaoke files] [barra] [rs-mmc kingston 512 dual] [eletricista] [celine dion. au coeur du stade] [ata5 hard disk e floppy] [catania francoforte biglietti aerei] [le mondine] [gioia e rivoluzione] [caiazzo] [lluxor] [peplab] [www fortuna it] [foto ballerini] [akcion] [legge n 168 del 2004] [attrezzi accessori auto e moto] [aziende in brescia] [ferrari 360 spider] [transoil srl] [ariete 1330] [travelmate 4051lmi] [ragazzo siracusa] [sicilia turismo] [north carolina real estate] [perche no] [polti new concept] [newcastle-upon-tyne] [philips macchina fotografica] [crossfire chrysler] [escape from monkey island] [lacie 200gb usb2] [www webank it] [trevignano] [tv toshiba] [lettore dvx aggiornabile] [mondrian] [cheap] [video lesbiche gratuiti] [petek dincoz] [linea accessori fiat] [sony - kv-32fq86] [em boy] [www nokia imagin] [un] [annuncio personale gratis incontro foto] [esami abilitazione periti palermo] [siemens kg39m390] [qtek s100] [desmo-] [anno domini] [forget her] [fuseaux nike] [le canzoni di gigi d alessio] [vietchat] [zafira km zero] [delta gps] [ufficio matera] [donne robuste] [age symphoni] [internet security ghost] [antra-] [lavoro come saldatore] [flash nikon] [noleggio auto a lungo termine friuli veneto] [winamp full 2.91] [canon mvx-10i] [digital voice recorder usb] [laudate dominum mozart] [alizee sexy] [aulla] [top ten canzoni settimana] [tutte tette] [celebrita nuda] [calza cotone] [obiettivi canon 55 200] [ragazze di crotone] [stampanti laser a colori minolta] [marina di modica] [dimage z3 di konica minolta] [crociera po] [pensavo fosse amore e invece era un] [karaoke t ferro non me lo so spiegare] [stampante duplex] [miguel mateos] [ati radeon 9200 128mb] [mazda 6 benzina] [contatto webcam] [quota opzionale] [ostelli a londra] [keri russel] [psp sony] == Multilingual blogs and sites ==

The boundaries on the web are linguistic. An increasing number of people have multilingual websites and blogs. However, existing blog software, although localizable, is designed with the monolingual author/reader in mind. HTML specs are designed mainly for monolingual web pages.

  • How should similar content in different languages (whether translated, re-phrased, abstracted) be organised and related?
  • How should blogging software make this possible?
  • Three levels of difficulty (or subproblems):
    • Markup
    • Interface for the reader
    • Authoring process
    • (And a fourth: integration in specific blogging tools)

The microformat approach to markup can clarify the problem space and lead to simpler work in the interface, authoring and integration stages.

Readers' perspective

Many web authors have a multilingual readership. This means a readership composed of people who are monolingual in language A, monolingual in language B, people who are perfectly bilingual and the whole range of language proficiency in-between. Often, the solution found for "multilingual" content is to create "mirror" versions of a site in different languages. This functions for sites which are static or are maintained by a huge team of people. It is not viable for a blog or forms of publication which encourage people to express themselves online by making it easy to publish, though translating others' posts can distribute this work.

A multilingual site will be a site containing more than one language. How can it be made friendly for all types of readers -- from monolingual to perfectly bilingual, including monolingual people who have enough working knowledge of other languages to make the effort of trudging through an article in a foreign language if it sounds interesting enough? How can we semantically mark up pages containing more than one language, and create logical links between content expressed in other languages with varying degrees of closeness to the original?

Successive refinement of meaning

indicating language of sub-sections

pre-existing HTML standards (use lang="xx" on the containing element)

  • enables CSS-based show hide, or visual lang indication
  • allows parsing of which language is which

indicating alternative versions in other languages

pre-existing HTML standards (use rel="alternate" hreflang="xx")

making meaningful distinctions between the various kinds of alternatives

These may be translations, abstracts, paraphrases. If they are attempted faithful translations, indicating which is the original is useful.

  • consider a rel="original" on links (or rev="original" to point to known translations of the current page)
    • could combine with Vote Links for approval/disapproval of the translation

If there are separately written posts in different languages on the same topic, the more general rel="alternate" applies

Examples of current approaches

We can start with a multilingual blog safari: multilingual-examples

Previous discussions

Links to posts which have already reflected on this question or tried to find a solution:

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