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This effort needs more work per the microformats The microformats process. It is incorrect to jump straight to a brainstorm proposal. Tantek 18:03, 17 February 2011 (UTC)


Please see Best Practices for Examples Pages for how to research examples for a new format.

existing formats

Please create a separate page opening hours formats to document research into existing formats for publishing opening hours (if any).


Please create a separate page opening hours brainstorming, after the examples and formats research has been completed per the The microformats process, and add brainstorm proposals there.

simple class proposal

proposed Format:

<span class="operating-hours"> Tu-Sa 08:00-15:00; Sa 08:00-12:00 </span>

see it here:

Use a semicolon to separate the different days or or time ranges. Use two letter english day names. Times are local times with leading zero

This is the format as used in for a node description with opening hours. Openstreetmap has very rigid semantics, so it makes sense to follow their format.