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Examples of real-world UIs for payment, i.e. transferring monetary value from one person to another.

Real World Examples

fido dogecoin twitter tipbot fido is a twitter bot which allows you to transfer dogecoins to other twitter users within tweets. Its usage is built around existing Twitter idioms which all users are familiar with:

  • Follow @fidotip to get a holding address for DOGE
  • Tweet using microsyntax, e.g. @fidotip @recipient 100 anywhere in your tweet to tip @recipient 100 DOGE. Add #confirm and @fidotip will tweet a transaction confirmation
  • DM fido with an email address and dogecoin address in order to withdraw any DOGE you’ve been tipped

dogecoin reddit tipbot /u/dogecointipbot is a reddit bot which can be used to easily transfer dogecoin between reddit users, usually for tipping posts. Example of a tip post, followed by its confirmation comment.

Typical usage is described in the documentation and getting started guide, and involves:

  • register with the bot, giving you a holding address
  • transfer some doge into the holding address, which can now be used for tipping
  • comment on a post with, for example, +/u/dogetipbot 100 doge, which tips 100 DOGE. Optionally add verify to the end and dogetipbot will comment on your tip when it’s verified
  • withdraw any tips you’ve received by sending the bot a message with an address to transfer to

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